Everything’s Coming Up Rainbows: Celebrating Pride Month in Boston!

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Rainbow Food and Drinks to Celebrate Pride Month

When the calendar turns June, everything in Boston is coming up RAINBOWS 🌈 in celebration of Pride Month! While you can see many rainbow flags flying 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ all throughout the year in Beantown, you can really feel the pulse of this city during Pride Month as LGBTQIA+ voices, businesses, rights and culture are lifted up by the community through events, parties, meet-ups and FOOD. We all know the city of Boston loves to eat and drink so let’s take a look at how they’re putting a rainbow-colored spin on some local eats both sweet and savory (and liquid-y lol).

Rainbow Vanilla Bean & Pride Sprinkle Donuts from Union Square Donuts

Photo Credit: Union Square Donuts

One of Boston’s most beloved donut shops is celebrating Pride Month with their Rainbow Vanilla Bean & Pride Sprinkle Donuts. They also have a vegan option! They’ll be available all month long so go grab some. In order to truly celebrate Price, Union Square Donuts will be donating a portion of the proceeds of all three Pride menu items to BAGLY, a local organization committed to social justice and creating programs, policies and services for the LGBTQ+ youth community.

Just when you think the Brown Butter Rice Krispie from Flour Bakery can’t bring any more joy than it already does…BOOM…Pride version! Flour is celebrating all month long with special sweets, including their rainbow Rice Krispie Treats, available to ship nationwide from their online shop through the 30th and on their pastry counters through the 10th. They’re proud to donate 20% of proceeds from all of their Pride specials to BAGLY and GLAAD, organizations that support our LGBTQ+ community.

The “Love is Love” Ice Cream Sandwich from The Cookie Monstah

Photo Credit: The Cookie Monstah

Boston’s favorite cookie ice cream sandwich food truck has a Pride special that will light your heart up rainbow and probably your hands and mouth too! The “Love is Love” Monstah Sandwich is made with Vanilla Ice Cream sandwiched between two giant  Rainbow Birthday Cake Cookies! Yes plz.

We’re With Dorothy Pride Beer from Aeronaut Brewing Company

Photo Credit: Aeronaut Brewing Co.

If you wanna show your Pride by drinking BEER – the true Boston way – then head to local brewery, Aeronaut, to try their special Pride beer, “We’re With Dorothy.” In addition to featuring this special Pride beer they are also hosting tons of Pride-themed events through the month at the brewery so be sure to check out the schedule!

Pride Cupcake Jars from Wicked Good Cupcakes

Photo Credit: Wicked Good Cupcakes

Celebrate Pride and give back to LGBTQ+ youth with the limited-edition Rainbow Sprinkle Cupcake and Pride Celebration Gift Sets from Wicked Good Cupcakes! This sweet treat can be sent right to your door and you can also send the love to someone else. They will donate a portion of the proceeds to BAGLY so you can spread the rainbow love beyond the cupcake.

Rainbow Bagels & Cookies from Mamaleh’s

Photo Credit: Mamaleh’s

You can’t tell us that you’ve seen a rainbow bagel on social media and haven’t wanted to try one sooo bad! Mamaleh’s is making your dreams come true in a partnership with Fishwife where the rainbow bagels will be featured at all locations June 10-18th as part of this special collab. Their popular rainbow cookies will be coming back for weekend specials in Brookline and Cambridge throughout the month as well!

Everything Rainbow Spice Blend from Curio Spice Co.

Photo Credit: Curio Spice Co.

For a little bit of a savory spin, our friends at Curio Spice Co. in Cambridge are featuring their Everything Rainbow Spice Blend in celebration of Pride Month. They source spices from across the globe and so in turn they support LGBTIQ rights across the globe!  This full-spectrum ‘everything bagel’ blend is crunchy, colorful, and crave-worthy! Instead of the traditional garlic, onion and poppy seed of classic everything blends, they added sumac for tartness, maras chile flakes for umami heat, turmeric for earthiness, and blue cornflower for a floral, honeyed touch. Crafted in collaboration with David Goodtree of FoodGraph, this blend is great as a topping for hummus, salads, and eggs. 50% of proceeds from your purchase will support LGBTIQ equity. Outright International is dedicated to working with partners around the globe to strengthen the capacity of the LGBTIQ human rights movement, document and amplify human rights violations against LGBTIQ people, and advocate for inclusion and equality. Support a social cause this month and cook some rainbow spiced food!

Pride Drink & Dessert Specials at OAK Long Bar + Kitchen

Photo Credit: OAK Longbar + Kitchen

And, back to the booze 😂

During the month of June, OAK Long Bar + Kitchen will once again be raising funds for a local organization to celebrate Boston Pride. They are offering two specials – a sip and a sweet. The Taste the Rainbow Dessert features rainbow ice cream, rainbow sprinkles, salted caramel, cookie dough, chocolate chunks, and glitter; while the Marsha P. Johnson Cocktail is a mix of Absolut Citron vodka, passionfruit, lemon, and Falernum. $1 per order of the ice cream and cocktail will be donated to BAGLY, The Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Youth. Plus, Absolut Citron has committed to matching donations for the cocktail special!

Special Pride Month Ice Cream Flavor at Honeycomb Creamery

Photo Credit: Honeycomb Creamery

While this sweet treat may not visually be rainbow its spirit is rainbow so it still counts! To celebrate Pride Month, our friends at Honeycomb Creamery are offering a special flavor in collaboration with Rhodium by RI Spirits. Cardamom, Coffee, & Black Walnut is a cardamom and coffee ice cream infused with a splash of their Coffee & Black Walnut Vodka and studded with homemade black walnut brittle pieces. A little aromatic and toasty, a little crunchy, with a slight funk from the black walnuts, this is a scoop with a lot going on! The proceeds from this flavor will be donated to TASSN, The Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network is a group that provides financial assistance and resources to trans individuals seeking asylum in the US. If this flavor isn’t your cup of tea or if you’d like to give to them directly, you can find their Givebutter link here or at the link in Honeycomb Creamery’s Instagram bio.

Happy Pride Boston! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️💕


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