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Valentine’s Day At Home: Ideas for a Fun Night In

Valentine’s Day At Home Get more creative than ever this Valentine’s Day at home! No longer is sitting in a crowded restaurant the best option for romance. We’ve got a whole list of at-home date night ideas for you to have a fun night in this Valentine’s Day no matter who you are celebrating with….
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Best Boston Holiday Gifts To Send From Home in 2020

Best Boston Holiday Gifts To Send From Home in 2020 It’s the holidays, yayyyy, even 2020 can’t ruin that for us! We’re all in with our lights and cozy hot cocoa couch nights these days. And that is exactly where we are shopping for gifts from this holiday season…THE COUCH. If you are doing the…
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Best 2020 Gift Ideas for Boston Employees

Best 2020 Gift Ideas for Boston Employees Tis’ the season to start thinking GIFTS! Specifically gifts for your employees to show them that their hard work during this pandemic has not gone unappreciated. We know that 2020 has not been the most inspiring year for anyone, but spread some joy with thoughtful, curated, local, Boston…
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Support Small Businesses: Introducing The Bites of Boston Fall Flavors Box

Introducing The Bites of Boston Fall Flavors Box Here at Bites of Boston Food Tours our mission is to support other small, local businesses just like ourself, and in fact our entire business model runs on that mutual support. Covid-19 has had a HUGE impact on us and all of the small, local businesses that…
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Fall’s Favorite Flavors: Boston’s Best Fall Sweet Treats

Fall Sweet Treats in Boston Friends, Fall is NOT CANCELLED! No way are we going to let even a global pandemic keep us from devouring the flavors of fall that we love so much. Last year we helped take you beyond the pumpkin spice latte with our blog post about Creative Ways to Get Your…
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Boat, Bike, Bite: Boston Staycation Ideas!

Enjoy A Staycation in Boston If you’ve been itching to travel but can’t leave your state due to COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve got a plan! Plan and enjoy the perfect staycation (in your state). You can have fun in your hometown without even having to travel out of state.  All the fun of planning and doing…
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