Take A Food Tour: Something Safe to Do in Boston Right Now

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Take A Food Tour: Something Safe to Do in Boston Right Now

What is both safe and fun to do in Boston right now? Join us at Bites of Boston for a walking neighborhood food tour! Spring is in full swing here in Boston and more and more people are getting vaccinated by the day. In other words, things are looking up friends! This fortunate turn of events is just in time for the launch of our 2021 tour season, beginning this week. We are officially back in action this Thursday, April 15th, so sign up now for tours right here. A walking neighborhood food tour with us is the perfect safe activity to do in Boston right now.

If you’ve never taken a walking neighborhood food tour with us before, let us tell you a little bit about it here.

As for our tours starting THIS WEEK, we want to get you up to speed on what will be a little different in order to comply with COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols; and we also want to remind you what will be very much the same!

We are running two of our food tours to begin while the other two are on hiatus. The tours we are running are: the Classic Bites of Boston Tour, now known as the COVID-Compliant Classic Bites of Boston Tour, and the Sweet & Savory South End Tour, now known as the Socially Distant Sweet & Savory South End Tour.

Here’s what’s a little different…

In the interest of the continued safety of our tour guests, guides and restaurant partners, here are the added precautions we are taking on all of our tours:

-We are currently limiting our tours to 6-8 guests in total in the interest of social distancing.

-Face masks are a mandatory requirement for participation for both guests and guides.

-Tours will be largely conducted outdoors and, when seated, guests will only be seated at a table with their own party.

-Tables are at the required distance of 6 feet apart per the current requirements for restaurants and/or separated by a partition.

-All tastings are individual portions/servings, and will either be served on an individual plate, in a bag, or with a toothpick in the case of 1 appetizer tasting on the South End tour.

-Our team will be sanitizing our hands every 30 minutes at a minimum, and guests will be reminded to do the same throughout the experience.

-Tour guests will also be reminded to bring their own sanitizer, face masks and water in communications sent prior to the event date.

Here’s what’s very much the same…

-Tour guests will explore Boston’s local neighborhoods in the company of a knowledgeable and friendly guide

-Tour guests will visit local eateries and try 4-6 different tastings in 3 hours

-Tour guests will learn about Boston food and history

-Tour guests will get a little exercise in and spend time outside

-Tour guests meet new people

-Tour guests will have a great time, try new things, and make great memories with people they love

Overall, our tours will be filled with the same food and fun as before but now they will also be super safe, COVID compliant, and socially distanced. We can’t wait to see you there!

We are also still booking private tours so please contact us with any questions or to plan your next event!


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