Eat, Explore, Experience: What To Expect On A Bites of Boston Food Tour

July 30, 2019 |
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What To Expect On A Bites of Boston Food Tour

Have you ever taken a food tour before? If not, YOU SHOULD! It’s a great way to learn about a new, or even familiar, place, taste some of the best food there, and enjoy a fun day out and about.

At Bites of Boston, we offer walking neighborhood food experiences in three different awesome neighborhoods. We believe food is best enjoyed when served in the context of your local surroundings. So, on top of delicious food tastings, you’ll also enjoy a hearty helping of neighborhood commentary including historical, architectural, and cultural information, when you take any of our tours. You’ll stroll the streets, visit points of interest, and experience the local culture in the company of a friendly, knowledgeable tour guide. Aaaand, you’ll EAT!

Seeing as not everyone has been on a walking food tour before, and also that food tours can differ from city to city, we wanted to share the following list of things that you can expect when you come on one of our tours:

1. You can expect to explore Boston’s local neighborhoods in the company of a knowledgeable and friendly guide

Our wonderful team of food-loving guides can’t wait to share the unique stories behind these Boston neighborhoods and amazing eateries that we visit on our tours with you. Expect to not see them reading from a script, but rather to be fully engaged with you on the tour. They are the best of the best so feel free to ask them all the questions you have!

2. You can expect to visit local eateries and try 5-6 different tastings in about 3 hours

All of the tastings vary in size and cuisine, some even include beverages (alcoholic or not). We, along with the chefs and owners, have carefully selected bites for you to try that best represent, and help tell a story about, each of the restaurants we are visiting. Our tastings include a well-balanced selection of flavors and provide enough food for a satisfying lunch by the end of the tour with something sweet along the way. Please note, while we start and end our tastings at locations where you can sit down to eat and use the bathroom, we will not be seated and served at every location. Some tastings are served more casually and/or on-the-go to save time for  more neighborhood exploration – see #4 and #3 below!

3. You can expect to learn about more than just the food

Calling all history buffs! This is more than just a food tour. We aim to place local food in the context of your local surroundings. We believe food tastes better when you know something about the purveyors, the eateries themselves, and the residential aspect of the neighborhoods. You’ll learn so many new things about Boston and what makes its neighborhoods unique and special. You may be surprised to see how much history, architecture, art and, culture you are served alongside all of your bites!

4. You can expect to get a little exercise in

Boston is best explored by foot! Walking allows you to see more and engage fully in a sensory experience, and we have a lot to show you. Our tours cover between 1 and 1.5 miles, and you’ll be outside and on your feet for a good amount of that time. We encourage you to wear comfy, supportive walking shoes, don’t bring a bag that’s too heavy, dress for the weather, and bring a bottle of water for maximum comfort and enjoyment throughout the tour experience. We are in New England so the weather can change rapidly day to day. We can’t stress enough that you look at the full weather report and come prepared to be outside!

5. You can expect that some, but not ALL, dietary restrictions will be met

We do our best to plan everything ahead of time with the restaurants we work with and make the ordering process simple for them each week. With that, we do our best to accommodate for dietary restrictions, but unfortunately we cannot accommodate all of them. This does not mean that you cannot come on the tour though! While it is a “food tour,” our tours are so much more than the food, plus there are multiple tastings so it’s more than likely that some of them will work for you. When you book there is a clear form to fill out with your dietary restrictions so we can get this set up for you ahead of time. You are also welcome to reach out to us with a call or email prior to your tour to discuss this further.

6. You can expect to meet new people

You will be touring with an intimate group of up to 16 people from all over the world. We have loads of local guests join our tours, as well visitors from as far away as Australia. It’s fun to get to know your fellow tour-goers and enjoy the experience together! At the beginning of the tour expect to introduce yourself and where you are from so that you can better get to know the group you will sharing the next few hours with. We love making the experience as personal as possible.

7. You can expect to have a great time, try new things, and make great memories with people you love

A walking food tour is a great way to spend some quality time outside with friends and family. It’s a feel-good activity and we’re dedicated to sharing the neighborhoods in Boston that we love with you, while also introducing you to local food favorites. You’ll see Boston from a whole new perspective and discover – or rediscover – the city in an entirely unique, filling, and fulfilling way!


We hope that you’ll join us on one of our walking food tours soon! Read more about the our tours and buy tickets here.


Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on July 17th, 2018 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and fresh content.

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