Romantic Rendezvous: Best Date Night Ideas in Boston

February 6, 2018 |
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Romantic Things to Do in Boston

We’re in our last push of winter (high fives all around) and while it may not be spring, it’s February and love is in the air. You could cozy up with your honey at home on the couch or spice things up and head out for a night of fun with a new activity. Date night (or day) doesn’t have to be all about fancy dinners and flowers. The city of Boston has a ton of fun alternative date night options and you need to get out there and check them out.

Please note, date night also includes friend-dates, so if you’re living that single and free life, don’t feel left out, you’re still invited to the party! Also, if you’ve been waiting to ask someone out, stop waiting and invite them to do one of these awesome activities, you’ll look super thoughtful and creative. Win. Win. And if there’s food involved – Win. Win. Win.

22. Gondola di Venezia


Photo Credit: Boston Gondolas

Set romance afloat on the Charles River. Gondola di Venezia offers a variety of romantic tour packages on the Esplanade to woo your S.O. This is a unique experience for us North-easterners and we highly recommend checking it out; you’ll feel like you’re in Italy. And if you don’t we guarantee your points in the date department will sky rocket.


21. Bites of Boston Food Tours

bites of boston private group tour

Photo Credit: Bites of Boston Food Tours

Any activity that involves food is always a fun way to spend the afternoon, especially on a date. No awkward napkins on lap and elbows off table. Take a casual walk around one of Boston’s neighborhoods that is rich with history and culture, and enjoy tastings along the way.


20. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

inside museum

Photo Credit: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

This romantic haven is hidden by Northeastern University and a reprieve from the bustling city streets. This is a lovely spot for a date night or day. The museum is not huge so no worries about getting bored, just go for a nice, slow walk and enjoy the scenery without having to freeze outside!


19. Walk in the Commons


Photo Credit: Boston Common

Of course now is not the most magical time of year for this date night activity, but most times of year it is really romantic to walk through Boston Common with your date. Tree-shaded paths, the glowing pond, and the scenic bridge make it a great first kiss spot. *wink*


18. Hot Tub at Inman Oasis

japanese hot tub

Photo Credit: Inman Oasis

Want to have a bit of a left-of-center date? Those are the kind of dates that we love! Have a romantic and bubbly evening in one of the private hot tubs at Inman Oasis. They have two to choose from and you can bring your own playlist. It gets hot and steamy in there (literally) so you won’t even have to try that hard to heat things up. You will feel sooo relaxed after. We actually just dozed off writing this blurb.


17. Take a Yin Yoga Class at YogaWorks

yin yoga

Photo Credit: YogaWorks

Staying on the theme of relaxation dates, why not be super casual and comfy and take a Yin yoga class with your date? While you may not be able to talk during class, this form of deep relaxation yoga will have you both in the mood for some cuddles and a movie after, along with doing a lot of good for your bodies!


16. New England Aquarium


Photo Credit: New England Aquarium

No matter what age you are the New England Aquarium on the waterfront is a blast! Embrace your inner child and gaze at the sea creatures with your date. Silly, lighthearted dates are the best and so low-pressure. Who ever said turtles weren’t romantic?!


15. Cooking Classes at The Kitchen at Boston Public Market

cooking class

Photo Credit: The KITCHEN

One of the best ways to get to know someone is to cook with them. While this could be a make or break situation, it’s usually a great success. Learning together is fun and eating what you make is even more fun. The KITCHEN at Boston Public Market offers a bunch of different cooking classes ranging from dumpling making to mixology.


14. Dinner at the Top of the Hub

table view

Photo Credit: Top of the Hub

For a truly romantic evening, dinner at the Top of the Hub in the Prudential Center is the place to go. The expansive view of the city from high up is sure to cause some heart flutters. While we usually say that fancy is not necessary for date night, we couldn’t leave this one off the list. Often times there is also live jazz music to set the mood.


13. Float Tank at FLOAT

float tank

Photo Credit: FLOAT Boston

If you’re both up for trying something new, check out FLOAT Boston. They specialize in “floatation therapy.” This is how they describe the experience: “A float tank is a small shallow pool filled with water nearly saturated with Epsom salt, so it’s dense like the Dead Sea. You float completely effortlessly. The tank is kept warm, body temperature, and it’s enclosed so it’s completely dark and quiet. It’s your own private world. It’s utterly relaxing.” Who’s coming?!


12. Hot Chocolate at L.A. Burdick 

hot chocolate

Photo Credit: Rachel DeSimone

Ask us what the first word we think of when you say romance is and we say “chocolate!” Skip the coffee or typical “grabbing a few drinks” date and go for some hot chocolate. This is the good stuff. Thick, rich cups of hot chocolate that you can sip away at while getting to know someone new. Sharing chocolate basically sets you on the path to true love…


11. Candle Pin Bowling at Brighton Bowl

bowling alley

Photo Credit: Flatbread Company Brighton

Sometimes it’s fun to go out on a goofy date and loosen up a bit. Candlepin bowling is perfect for this scenario! It’s basically bowling but with super thin pins and smaller bowling balls. Have a drink or two and everyone becomes good at bowling, or at least is under the illusion that they are.


10. Beer and Fun at Lamplighter Brewing Co.


Photo Credit: Lamplighter Brewing Co.

Lamplighter is a hip brewery with lots of ideal happenings for a fun date night. Check out their event calendar to find something you fancy. Their events range from trivia night to calligraphy class to pierogi pop-ups. There’s really something for everyone. And when all else fails, which we hope it doesn’t, their beer is fantastic!


9. Paint and Drink at The Paint Bar


Photo Credit: The Paint Bar

Paint Bar offers a very unique date night experience and gives you a parting gift, made by you! Their slogan is “eat, paint and be merry.” Everyone paints the same scene as guided by an instructor while eating, drinking and being merry. It’s a great way to spend an evening and no painting chops are required to participate.


8. Dollar Oyster Date


Photo Credit: Island Creek Oysters

If you want to go with this classic aphrodisiac for date night why not have as many as possible? Boston offers a ton of one buck shuck spots throughout the week so you can get in the mood without breaking the bank. Check out this list for tons of options for dollar oysters in the city.

Want more? Check out the weekly shucking classes at B&G Oysters to sharpen your oyster skills. Talk about impressive. Ow, ow.


7. Board Games at Knight Moves Cafe

board game cafe

Photo Credit: Knight Moves

Let out your quirky side, which we can’t deny is in all of us, and take your date to Knight Moves, the board game cafe in Brookline. It’s all fun and games until someone’s a sore loser and throws all the pieces. Seriously though, board games are a blast and sometimes it’s nice to put the screens away and get a little old school.


6. Trivia Night


Photo Credit: @thinktanktrivia via Instagram

Staying in a gaming state of mind, trivia is another fun date night idea. Stir up some romance by joining forces for some bar trivia. It’s a great way to have fun and joke around with your date. There are tons of places to find it in Boston, but you can start by checking out: Common Ground, Harry’s, McCabe’s, and Aeronaut Brewing Co.


5. Shakespeare on the Common

shakespeare on the common

Photo Credit: @commshakes via Instagram

For a romantic night out in the warmer weather, head to Boston Common for a free Shakespeare performance. Bring a blanket and a picnic and enjoy the show. To eat or not to eat? Honestly, that is never a question. Go all out with the snacks, your date will be impressed with dinner and a show on the cheap!


4. Baking Classes at Flour Bakery

sticky buns

Photo Credit: Flour Bakery

There’s nothing more romantic then getting down and dirty with some butter and flour. Are we right…? Make literal pastry magic with your date at one of Flour Bakery’s baking classes. This is sure to be a success with a treat to take home!


3. Daybreaker Event


Photo Credit: Daybreaker

If you’re having trouble finding time to have date night, why not have date morning? Daybreaker is “an early morning dance movement” that is now in 22 cities, including Boston. It starts super early but is a blast! It all begins with a one hour yoga or fitness class, and is followed by a two hour dance party. You know you want to…


2. Cheap Date Night at Myers + Chang

table with food

Photo Credit: Myers + Chang

On Mondays and Tuesdays Myers + Chang offers a “cheap date night” menu for couples trying to save but feel like they’re splurging. Each menu is designed to be a full dinner for two and costs $45 total. The three choices are: “Netflix + Chill,” “Tango Lessons,” and “Long Walk On The Beach.” Points for humor!


1. Arcade Games at A4cade


Photo Credit: A4cade

Finally, for a night of play head out to A4cade in Cambridge for date night. This adult arcade sells playful cocktails and is ideal for a stress-free night out with your S.O. Feel like a kid, but remember that you are an adult as you sip your cocktail from a colorful bendy straw, ha!


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