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Visit Boston: The Classic Sites and Bites of Boston

Classic Things to See and Eat When You Visit Boston Boston is a city that truly has it all! There’s something for everyone, from history to sports to incredible food and drink, so you’ll never be at a loss for things to do, drink, or eat. Speaking of things to do in Boston, we’re happy…
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Learn From The Locals: The Best Way To Explore Boston

The Best Way To Explore Boston There is no doubt in our minds that the best way to explore a new city is through its food and, of course, to talk to the locals. And that is especially true with Boston! Boston is a melting pot of different cultures and cuisines and there is so…
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Summer of Dreams: Things to Do in Boston THIS Summer!

Things to Do in Boston This Summer! Well friends, we made it. Summer 2021, aka summer of dreams! Restrictions are lifted, masks are off, so let the good times roll. Boston is ready for a summer of food, fun, and frolicking. We’ve got just the list to get you started. We know summer still technically…
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Brides of Beantown: Boston Bachelorette Party Ideas

Things To Do In Boston For Your Bachelorette Party Wedding season has sprung and you know what that means—it’s time to (bachelorette) PAR-TAY! Whether you’re the all-out, pink feather boa type or a laid back gathering, sip some wine kind of gal, Boston has a lot to offer in the bachelorette party department. This city…
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Take A Food Tour: Something Safe to Do in Boston Right Now

Take A Food Tour: Something Safe to Do in Boston Right Now What is both safe and fun to do in Boston right now? Join us at Bites of Boston for a walking neighborhood food tour! Spring is in full swing here in Boston and more and more people are getting vaccinated by the day….
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Romantic Rendezvous: Best Date Night Ideas in Boston Right Now

Romantic Things to Do for Date Night in Boston Right Now We did it…we made it to 2021. And not only did we make it to 2021, we made it to SPRING 2021! More things are starting to open up in town, the sun is beginning to shine warmer and longer, and we’re ready to…
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Seeing Green: Things to Do for St. Patrick’s Day in Boston

Things to Do for St. Patrick’s Day in Boston We’ve been seeing a lot of colors lately flashing over our screens but nothing will stop us from seeing green and only GREEN on St. Patrick’s Day here in Boston! Green is in our blood and we are ready to celebrate and have some (safe) fun….
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5, 6, 7, 8, Who Do We APPRECIATE: Local Gift Boxes for Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with a Local Gift Box We’re always looking for reasons to celebrate good people and good food here at Bites of Boston Food Tours! This Friday, March 5th, is actually meant for just that, it’s National Employee Appreciation Day. There’s no better time to start showing your appreciation for your hard-working…
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Valentine’s Day At Home: Ideas for a Fun Night In

Valentine’s Day At Home Get more creative than ever this Valentine’s Day at home! No longer is sitting in a crowded restaurant the best option for romance. We’ve got a whole list of at-home date night ideas for you to have a fun night in this Valentine’s Day no matter who you are celebrating with….
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