Eat, Explore, Experience: What To Expect On A Bites of Boston Private Food Tour

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If you’re looking for a truly unique way to explore and experience Boston – and enjoy local food favorites along the way – then we’d love to host your group on a private food tour! We firmly believe that food is best enjoyed when served in the context of your local surroundings, which is why our neighborhood food tour experiences are carefully curated to highlight the local food scene within the context of the surrounding neighborhood. By combining the best of sightseeing with local food tastings, we have created a perfect recipe for a fun and memorable experience shared with friends, family or co-workers in some of Boston’s vibrant and delicious neighborhoods.

While we offer public group tours from March to December, we can host your group for a private food tour experience year-round. We have built relationships with tons of local establishments all over Boston over the past 13 years and they are always happy to welcome our groups in. From lunch tours, to happy hour tours, to dinner tours, we have something that’s perfect for everyone! Private tours are ideal for special occasions such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, company outings, team bonding, and really anything else that you may want to celebrate. For more ideas of what to celebrate with a private tour click here.

What is especially great about a private food tour is that you get all the benefits and fun of the public tour but in a more intimate setting that is catered directly to you and your group. You’ll also have a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide (or multiple) all to yourself. We can curate an experience for groups as small as eight and as large at 150. Keep reading to learn more about what happens on a Bites of Boston Private Food Tour.

1. You’ll taste plenty of delicious local foods

Boston’s food scene reaches far and wide across the globe when it comes to cuisine, and our experiences cover it all from the most traditional dishes such as lobster rolls and clam chowder, to cuisines such as French, Cambodian, Venezuelan and many more. Each of our tastings is meant to provide the perfect glimpse into the cuisine and culture of the restaurant. We share the stories behind the restaurant, chef and tasting itself as well!

2.  You’ll learn about the neighborhood you are in

We’ll spend some time outside exploring the local neighborhood that you choose to have your experience in – so comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Boston is packed to the brim with history of all kinds and we’ll clue you in to some of the relevant history – throwing in little food tidbits wherever we can – along the way.

3. You’ll socialize with your group around a table!

Sharing food with friends, family or co-workers around a table is one of the best ways to bond, and this is exactly the environment we facilitate during our private tours! We allow each group to spend some time together chatting and enjoying themselves around a table at different tasting locations, and in some cases a full meal will be had (lunch or dinner) depending on the tour.

4. You’ll make memories!

You can expect to make some wonderful memories with your group! Our tour guides are always happy to capture photos and videos of your group so you don’t forget how much food and fun you had!

5. You’ll be led by a friendly & knowledgeable tour guide

Our tour guides are truly the best of the best. They each have their own unique story to bring to the table and have been extensively trained on the neighborhood and food knowledge. Plus, they’re all super fun to spend time with!

6. You’ll see the city from a different perspective

One bite at a time we’ll make our way through the neighborhood you choose! Whether your group is new to Boston, all locals or a mix, you’ll get outside and discover things about the neighborhood that you probably didn’t know already. Maybe you work in the area but have never explored the surrounding places or maybe you’ve never even been to Boston – so join us and we’ll guide you. Most locals are surprised as to how much they learn on our tours and usually discover a new restaurant that they want to go back to!

7. You’ll hopefully eat something new

The tastings on our tours have been thoughtfully selected by us and the restaurant owners to tell you a story and give you a glimpse into what they’re all about. It’s our hope that everyone will get to try something new and open their minds (and stomachs) to tasting something they may even be unsure about – we find that many people are pleasantly surprised!

8. Everyone will LOVE IT!

Our tours are part tour, part tasting, and all fun! This is a unique way to get together with your group and spend time together while tasting amazing local food and learning about a local neighborhood. As we said before, we believe food is best enjoyed when served in the context of your local surroundings and may we add, also in the company of friends, family and colleagues. No more repetitive or boring team outings at the same old places – mix up your next group outing and book a private tour with us!


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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on August 27th, 2019 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and fresh content.

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