Eat, Explore, Experience: What To Expect On A Bites of Boston Private Food Tour

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What To Expect On A Bites of Boston Private Food Tour

A food tour is an amazing way to get to know a place better, new or familiar. At Bites of Boston we host walking food tours through some of Boston’s most unique neighborhoods, diving into the history, culture, and food that makes them special. While we run public tours throughout the week but we also offer the unique experience of a private food tour.

If you have a group, big or small, that you would like to do a fun activity with we’ll help you plan the perfect tour for you and your group. From happy hour tours, to dinner tours, to sweets only tours, we have something that’s perfect for you! Private tours are ideal for special occasions, celebrations, work outings, team bonding, family vacation, etc. For more ideas of what to celebrate with a private tour click here.

What is especially great about a private food tour is that you get all the benefits and fun of the public tour but in an intimate setting that is catered to you and your group, and you have a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide all to yourself. Read on to get to know what to expect on a Bites of Boston Private Food Tour.

1. Taste plenty of delicious local foods


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Each of our tastings on the tour have a fascinating story behind them so not only do you get to taste delicious local bites you get to learn the stories behind them as well!

2.  Stroll the streets

Half of our tours are spent outside experiencing and exploring the local neighborhood. In order to enjoy this fully we suggest that you wear comfortable shoes and clothing, plan to be outdoors, dress for the weather, and plan for the forecast. We’ll have fun in any and all types of weather!

3. Learn about Boston through the lens of local food

Boston is both a history- and food-rich town and we will dive into both on our tour. Learn about this historic city through the lens of its incredible food scene.

4. Discover new neighborhoods or revisit familiar ones in a new way

One bite at a time we’ll make our way through the neighborhood you choose! Whether your group is new to Boston or all locals, get outside and discover things about the neighborhood that you might not know. Maybe you work in the area but have never explored the surrounding places, so join us and we’ll guide you!

5. Get together in a unique way

Our tours are part tour, part tasting, and all fun! This is a unique way to get together with your group and spend time together while tasting amazing local food and learning about a local neighborhood. Mix it up and book a private tour!

6. Learn about the Chefs, Owners, and Entrepreneurs contributing to the local food scene

Boston’s food scene is booming and it’s the chef’s of all different backgrounds and experience that make the city’s food scene so diverse. Learn not only about the foods themselves but the chefs who prepare them.

What to do to prepare for your tour:

Before you join us for a private tour be sure to go through this list to make sure you are fully prepared and can have as much fun as possible!

1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared for all weather. We will be outside and on foot exploring the neighborhood between tastings rain or shine, so make sure you are prepared for the weather and to be out and about.

2. Bring a bottled water to enjoy throughout the tour. Not all tastings will include a beverage.

3. Eat a small meal 2-3 hours before the experience.

4. Communicate any allergies and food restrictions to us prior to the tour. At least 48 hours notice is preferable.

5. Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early so we may start right on time. The eateries will be expecting your group at predetermined times. Also plan to stay for the entire tour as the restaurants have thoughtfully set up for us at each stop.

6. Plan to take plenty of photos – and there will be many terrific opportunities – and tag us on social media!

7.  Follow us on social media:

Instagram: @bitesofboston

Facebook: Bites of Boston Food Tours

Posting Photos? Use hashtag: #bitesofbostonfoodtours

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