Your 5 Day Guide to Supporting Your Favorite Small Businesses – For Free!

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How to Support Your Favorite Small Businesses for Free

So many small businesses, like us, are feeling the effects of social distancing in a critical way, and we know it’s hard not to feel a little helpless right now since you can’t support them how you usually would. You can’t walk down the street and get a cup of coffee from your favorite corner shop or head out to go on your favorite food tour *wink*. But now is actually the time to step up for these places more than ever and you can do so for FREE.

We know times are tough financially but there is no shortage of love to be spread!

We’ve made a five day guide for you with super simple steps to support your favorite small businesses  from the comfort of your own home without having to shell out a dime or put on pants. WIN. We hope you will join us in spreading the love and appreciate you for doing it!

Day 1: Follow them on Instagram…and all of their social media accounts

Most small businesses have a presence on social media and need your support to keep growing their reach. If you don’t currently follow your favorite small businesses on their social media accounts, there’s no time like the present to give them some follows and likes. Especially since we know that most of your time these days is spent looking at a screen. It’s such an easy, and free, way to support them. Take it a step further and engage with them! Comment on a photo, send them a message, or let them know how much you miss them. Look to the right —> for our social buttons!

Day 2: Write them a glowing Google review!

How many times have you been prompted to write a review for something or some place and used the excuse, “I don’t have time”? Well friends, now you have nothing but time. Reviews are so powerful, so go ahead and show some love to your favorite small businesses by writing them a glowing review on one OR ALL of the big review platforms (Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor). Taking just a little bit of time to write a positive review helps other people find and experience this small business and will help greatly when we can all get back outside, which we are eager to do.

Day 3: Subscribe to their Newsletter

Many small businesses send out an email newsletter with interesting content about their business such as new things being offered, promotions, and other cool things they are doing and want to share about. Subscribing to their newsletter and giving them access to your inbox is a huge way to support them, because if social media went away tomorrow, they would still be able to connect with you and you with them. FYI – right now, we are virtually featuring one of our eateries each week! Click Here to signup for our Newsletter.

Day 4: Post a photo (or many) of you with them and Tag them!

Looking for content to post to remind you of when you were able to go outside and do fun things? Scroll back in your photos and post a pic of you at your favorite small business whether it be eating there, wearing a piece of their jewelry, or having a blast on their food tour. Engaging with them through visuals is a great way for you to post content of your own and to share the love with them through a tag and some kind words to go with your post. Let them know you are thinking about them!

Day 5: Encourage a friend to do the same!

There is nothing more free than speech so spread the good word! Tell your friends about your favorite small businesses, which they also might love, and encourage them to do the same as you. Follow them on social media, write them reviews, subscribe to their newsletter, and post a photo of you with them. Then tell even more people! Positive word of mouth is such a great way to show support for your favorite small businesses without having to open your wallet. So, what are you waiting for…?

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