Lots and Lots of Baking: What We’re Doing During Social Distancing

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What the Bites of Boston Team is Doing During Social Distancing

Well folks, we’re doing a lot of baking, and we’re not mad about it one bit. Social distancing has lended lots of free time and what do most of us seems to be doing in our free time? BAKING! We’ve got a bright and talented group of staff here at Bites of Boston and we’re here to share how we are all spending our days at home. Perhaps we’ll inspire you to join in (from a distance, of course)!


Alyssa is the founder of Bites of Boston and she has been spending time writing birthday cards to people that she will send throughout the year. She has a stash of cards that she collects for friends and family members’ birthdays. When she comes across the right card for them whether it be something funny or one that makes her think of them she grabs it. So now she is writing them all out and addressing them with stamps so that they are ready to go when birthdays come around. She is also penning handwritten notes to friends across the country with note cards she has  collected over the years!


Amanda is a tour guide for Bites of Boston and has been hunkered down with her family in New York. When she has not been troubleshooting Zoom calls and working from home she has been walking on the beach in the evenings. She has also started a postcard series that she will send to her loved ones who she can’t be with physically for the time being.


Becky is a tour guide for Bites of Boston and she has been spending time reading, baking, and getting “extra” with her bullet journal for next month. She’s been been letting her creative juices flow and creating fun illustrations in the journal to make it cheerful.

Hannah G.

Hannah G. is Bites of Boston’s social media maven. She has been spending her time at home baking desserts, making delicious snack plates, and reading! Some of the books in her pile include, I am Malala, Freakonomics, Notes From a Small Island, and Quiet.

Hannah S.

Hannah S. is a tour guide for Bites of Boston and she has been having fun making what she calls “quarantine cocktails.” She has also set up a patreon for her unique ice cream work called A Sweet History. Hannah concocts ice cream flavors based on historic places, events, and figures (so cool, right?!) and she is inviting you to join her on her sweet journey. Check out Hannah’s site here.


Laurel is a tour guide for Bites of Boston who has been spending her time painting, cooking a lot, making cookies, and watching movies. Laurel owns her own painting business specializing in vibrant color and food art. She is launching a membership program and also paints cakes live on Instagram every morning at 10am EST. Check out Laurel’s work and offerings here.


Maggie is a tour guide for Bites of Boston and a lover of adventure. But as she has had to spend more of her days inside she has been spending her time playing Quiplash via Zoom with friends and baking a lot. What is Quiplash you ask? It’s a group game a little like Cards Against Humanity and up to eight people can play it at a time. She is not letting social distancing stop her from enjoying her Monday night game night tradition! She also recently baked some delicious-looking sourdough English muffins.


Nicole is a tour guide for Bites of Boston and she has been spending her time going for walks/runs to check out the spring blooms, catching up on Netflix (she just finished Love is Blind and is moving next to Tiger King), and she has also baked some delicious treats such as spiced cranberry and chocolate chip scones.


Rachel is Bites of Boston’s Tour Operations Coordinator and blog writer (hi!). While at home she has been practicing and teaching a ton of virtual yoga, taking luxurious baths (you know the kind with salts, essential oils, and candles), and baking lots of muffins! So far she has tackled banana walnut and morning glory. Blueberry is up next in the queue. Join Rachel for Morning Mindfulness every Monday through Friday at 8am EST on Instagram or sign up for one of her Virtual Vinyasa classes, here. And let’s not forget LOTS of kitty cuddles!


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