Stuck At Home: Virtual Activities To Do While Social Distancing

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Virtual Activities To Do While Social Distancing

If you’re social distancing from the coronavirus you have an awesome opportunity to finally do something that you’ve always wanted to do. We all have those things that take the back, back burner because “we just don’t have time,” or something else is more important. But friends, now we’ve got nothing but TIME. Who says you can’t try something new just because you have to stay inside and six feet away from any other humans?

Now’s the time to do all those things you’ve been putting off and there are so many awesome activities to do online. From virtual happy hour to virtual knitting, there is something for everyone. We’ve compiled an extensive list of virtual activities for you to do while social distancing. Many are local to Boston but are accessible to all. Have fun!

15. Virtual Knitting Classes with Third Piece 

virtual knitting set up

Photo Credit: Third Piece

This Boston-based knitwear studio is offering their “Stress-less Knitting” classes online! What better activity to do than to learn to knit yourself something warm and fuzzy to cuddle up on the couch with, since that’s what’s on the agenda for the foreseeable future? Their brick and mortar is located in Boston’s South End and opened in 2017 by Kristen Lambert who had been working on the concept for years prior.

14. Virtual Painting with Laurel Greenfield Art 

cake painting

Photo Credit: Laurel Greenfield Art

Laurel Greenfield is a local Boston-based artist who paints food with vibrant color. Her paintings make us so happy and we think we could all use a little extra joy these days! Join her as she paints cakes live on Instagram every weekday at 10am EST. You can watch her as she talks through the process and answers your questions live as she works. She is also putting her painting workshops online so that you can virtually paint along with her and create your own vibrant masterpieces.

13. Virtual Yoga with Rachel DeSimone Yoga 

virtual yoga

Photo Credit: Rachel DeSimone Yoga

How many times have you said that you’ve wanted to get into doing yoga? Or that your body is tight and you are stressed out? Well, here is your chance! Practice yoga and relieve stress with Rachel DeSimone. She is a Boston-based yoga instructor spreading joy on and off the mat. She mainly teaches the style of Vinyasa, connecting breath to movement, with a lot of fun flow and also a focus on strength and alignment. Her classes will leave you feeling grounded and refreshed. You can take a virtual class with her or join her live on Instagram Monday through Friday at 8am EST for a Morning Mindfulness session. Namaste!

12. Virtual Cooking School with Milk Street Kitchen 

milk street kitchen

Photo Credit: @yasminkhanstories via Instagram

Milk Street Kitchen, started by Christopher Kimball who you may recognize from America’s Test Kitchen, is sharing their “new approach to cooking” through virtual cooking classes. They call the space, “Part classroom, part playground and all kitchen,” and claim that it’s where you’ll learn to change the way you cook. Not sold yet? How about this, they are offering free virtual classes until April 30th!

11. Virtual Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art 

online exhibit

Photo Credit: Museum of Fine Art

Needing a little art and culture? No problem! Check out the virtual exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world. Who said you couldn’t have a classy and cultured afternoon from the comfort of your own couch?

10. Virtual Wine Classes with Rebel Rebel Wine Bar 


Photo Credit: Rebel Rebel Wine Bar

This small, “no rules,” natural wine bar located in Somerville’s Bow Market is female-run spot serving amazing wines and helping to foster community. They believe in the power of natural wine to bring them back to the foundations of their connection to farmers, to women, and to the planet. These connections do not stop just because of social distancing though. Rebel Rebel is hosting virtual wine education classes for just $10 a class! They will also set you up with the wines you need in advance for pick up or delivery. Because wine class just can’t happen without the wine.

9. Virtual Book Club through Goodreads 


Photo Credit: Goodreads

Finally catching up on reading that giant stack of books you’ve compiled over time? That’s awesome! But if you want to discuss those books with others in a community setting head to Goodreads and pick from one of their MANY virtual book clubs to join. There’s thousands to choose from so you’re bound to find something that peaks your interest. Ready, set, read!

8. Virtual Happy Hour with Dani & Jackie

virtual happy hour

Photo Credit: Dani & Jackie’s Virtual Happy Hour

If you’re missing the social interaction that comes along with going to the bar then go and hang out with Dani & Jackie for their virtual happy hour. They’ll teach you how to make cocktails from industry professionals and help you find out which brands you should drink while you’re sequestered. So not quite a trip to the bar but definitely a step closer. Cheers!

7. Virtual Cheese Plate Making with That Cheese Plate

cheese plate

Photo Credit: That Cheese Plate

Hey, if you’re going to participate in a virtual happy hour, you might as well make yourself a beautiful cheese plate to go with it! #treatyoself. Marissa Mullen is a Brooklyn-based Creative Director, Content Creator, Photographer, and Food Stylist who creates the most beautiful and appetizing cheese plates you’ve ever seen. She walks you through everything step by step on her Instagram account @cheesebynumbers and you can gawk at her gorgeous creations on her other account @thatcheeseplate.

6. Virtual Meditation with OmGal 


Photo Credit: @omgal @mikediskin via Instagram

Rebecca Pacheco is a Boston-based yoga and meditation instructor, speaker, and creator of the popular yoga blog  She is also the author of Do Your Om Thing. If you are feeling overwhelmed with all that is going on lately she is here to help! She has been hosting live meditations in the evenings on Instagram throughout the week at roughly 8:40pm. These sessions last around 20-30 minutes and will help you rest easy with a clear and calm mind.

5. Virtual Cooking Classes with The Chef and the Dish

virtual cooking class

Photo Credit: The Chef and Dish

The Chef and Dish is helping you reinvent your night in, which we all have a lot more of lately. So why not spice things up and learn how to create a fun new dish? They offer private cooking classes from the comfort of your home through Skype video calls with talented chefs from all over the world. They have chefs located in Italy, Japan, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, and more places ready to join you and your friends in your home kitchen to make one of the most delicious meals you’ve ever made.

4. Virtual Museum Tour of The Louvre


Photo Credit: The Louvre

Ever thought you would be able to visit the most famous museum in France from the comfort of your own home? Neither did we! Check out the Louvre’s website for online tours of the acclaimed museum. You can visit the museum’s exhibition rooms and galleries, and contemplate the façades of the Louvre from wherever you are social distancing. Grab a baguette and a glass of wine and get to touring!

3. Virtual Visit to New England Aquarium


Photo Credit: New England Aquarium

If sea life is more your thing than take a virtual visit to the New England Aquarium. They are putting presentations online to bring all of the colorful sea creatures they house to you. Previous presentations include both penguin and octopus feeding. Go see what’s up next!

2. Virtual Writing Prompts with Poets & Writers


Photo Credit: Poets & Writers

Poets & Writers Magazine is offering something called “The Time Is Now” where they present three writing prompts per week for you to run with. They post a poetry prompt on Tuesdays, a fiction prompt on Wednesdays, and a creative nonfiction prompt on Thursdays. With all the free time you’ve got at home this is a great opportunity to take some time to tap into your creativity and write! They also offer recommendations on books about writing for inspiration to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Keep Up (Virtually) With Your Favorite Food Tour, Bites of Boston, and Their Partner Restaurants!

food tour guide with cupcakes

Most importantly, we encourage you to keep up with your favorite food tour, Bites of Boston, and all of our amazing partner restaurants during this time of social distancing! We’ve just rolled out a new series of weekly emails highlighting the different restaurants on our tours and their owners to give you a little extra insight into what they’re all about while tours are on pause. Subscribe to our email list to read the fascinating stories behind some of our favorite Boston restaurants and to be tempted by the delicious food they serve.

As an added bonus for keeping up with us and them we are also running a fun raffle! For those who purchase gift cards – in any denomination, from any of the restaurants highlighted in our newsletters – save your receipt.  One lucky winner will receive a PRIVATE TOUR FOR UP TO 6 GUESTS in the neighborhood of their choice. Be sure to get in on that! We can’t wait to get back to tour season soon!

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