GO TEAM! Best Team Building Activities in Boston

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The Best Team Building Activities in Boston!

It’s time to log out and spend some time with your team OUT OF OFFICE. If you are looking for unique ways to bond with your peers in Boston, then check out this list of team building activities for groups of all sizes and interests. Now your only issue will be picking what to do!

22. South End Happy Hour Stroll with Bites of Boston

Get out of the office and join Bites of Boston Food Tours for a custom private tour experience for your next team building activity. Food & fun are what they do best. Stroll around and learn about Boston’s beautiful South End neighborhood while making stops to eat and drink at some of the best local spots. The happy will go far beyond just the hour you can be sure of it! Keep reading for more private tour offerings from Bites of Boston as well.

21. Team Building Visit to the MFA with Museum Hack

Photo Credit: Museum Hack

Museum Hack is a company aiming to reimagine and inspire new adult museum experiences around the world and help you have fun bonding with your team. If you are a museum hater or even museum apathetic then prepare for you mind to be changed and perhaps even blown! They are here to show you just how cool museums actually are while adding a quirky and sassy spin.  Museum Hack leads corporate team building activities in Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston; so grab your team and head to the MFA!

20. Pedal & Sip with Cycleboat Boston

Photo Credit: Cycleboat Boston

Be productive out of office by getting your workout in and getting your drink on! Pedal around the Boston Harbor on the Cycleboat where you can choose to ride on comfortable bicycle seats and propel the boat, or simply relax in the lounge. From the Cycleboat, you’ll see amazing views of Boston and American History including the Boston Tea Party Ship, the Downtown Boston Waterfront, Bunker Hill and the Charlestown Navy Yard with the USS Constitution and WWII destroyer, Cassin Young. This is a great way to explore Boston and bond with your team.

19. Darts & Drinks at Flight Club Boston

Photo Credit: Flight Club

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Flight Club is a a great place to host a team building outing and bring out that inner child in everyone, as it’s known as the home of unexpected, ridiculous joy. Play some social darts and enjoy delicious food and drinks for up to as many as 300 people. This is a great option for large groups and a ton of fun!

18. Candlepin Bowling & Pizza at American Flatbread

Photo Credit: American Flatbread

Speaking of a little friendly (team building) competition, another great activity to do with your group is candlepin bowling and pizza eating at American Flatbread in Brighton. Get people on different teams and socializing over the common goal of having fun and eating lots of pizza. Sounds like an overall win to us!

17. Candle Making Class with Noted.

Photo Credit: Noted.

For a different candle-themed activity for your team building outing visit our friends at Noted. for a candle making class! Bring your group to the classroom for a fun and creative Candle Class! Learn the art and science of candle making from the pros while sipping on some dranksss.

16. Distillery Tour at Bully Boy

Photo Credit: Bully Boy

If drinking is the main activity you want to build your team outing around then look no further than Bully Boy Distillers to take care of you. Take your team out for a tour of Boston’s first distillery since Prohibition! Over the course of the tour they’ll teach you about the history of their company, how they make their spirits, and how they bring them to market. The tour will also include a complimentary spirits sampling, and finishes in their Tasting Room where guests will have a chance to enjoy cocktails from their seasonally rotating menu. Needless to say the cups will stay full.

15. Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine Cocktail Party with Bites of Boston

Take a modified version of Bites of Boston’s Culture & Cuisine of Chinatown Food Tour where you’ll learn sample delicious bites and learn some of this neighborhood’s rich history. The tour will end at Shojo’s upstairs room with a private bar for your team to enjoy. This place has the full package – atmosphere, vibes, drinks & food.

14. Get on the Water with Paddle Boston

Photo Credit: Paddle Boston

Get your team together for a dose of nature with a team bonding outing on the Charles River. Paddle Boston will guide your group around via kayak or canoe so you can enjoy some time together completely logged off and out of office. They also offer an option for catering and picnicking if you want to add that into your team bonding experience. We could always eat…so you know where we stand on the matter!

13. Make (& Drink) Beer at Dorchester Brewing Co.

Photo Credit: Dorchester Brewing Co.

Aaaand we had to make it to beer eventually, we are in Boston after all! Take your group to Dorchester Brewing and learn how the beer is made before you down it all. They have several great spaces to accommodate groups inside and outside and are always ready to serve up some Boston brews.

12. Play Ping Pong at SPIN Boston

Photo Credit: SPIN Boston

SPIN Boston is one of the best places to host a team building event as it was stated by two best friends, Jonathan Bricklin and Franck Raharinosy,  who wanted to practice ping pong night and day and get so good that they could make the USA Olympic Team. That’s some team bonding if we’ve ever heard it! So, they got busy doing what any future Olympians would do—throwing a weekly ping pong party! HA! Go figure. Their parties drew in an eccentric range of artists and actors, musicians and bankers, brokers and broadcasters, and (of course) professional ping pong  players and everyone in between. The diversity of the crowd fueled the fun and vibrant energy that remains the essence of SPIN today.

11. Solve A Mystery with Murder Mystery Co.

Photo Credit: Murder Mystery Co.

Throw your team into the real life version of the game Clue and work together to solve the murder at hand…and, dress the part! A Boston murder mystery is the perfect solution for your next big or small team building event. You will be treated to a carefully crafted whodunnit in which you take on the roles of suspects and sleuths to unravel the mystery and solve a murder. This is the perfect option to mix it up from drinks after work for sure!

10. Classic Bites & Brews of Boston Experience with Bites of Boston

If you are looking to give your group a classic Boston experience, but like one we guarantee you have never had before, join us at Bites of Boston Food Tours for our Classic Bites & Brews Private Tour Experience. We’ll take you around some of the hidden and not-so-hidden gems hidden in Boston’s downtown while sharing fun anecdotes and tidbits of history along the way. And YES, there will be beer! We’ll introduce you to some of the best bites of Boston’s most iconic foods from our favorite places. It’s a great way to appreciate your team and you city all at once!

9. Craft Cocktail Making Class with The Boston Shaker

Photo Credit: The Boston Shaker

Ok let’s cut to the chase here – everything is better with booze and we all know it. So set your next team building outing up for success from the start by planning it around the cocktails. And who better to do that with than The Boston Shaker?! The Boston Shaker has been the Nation’s Neighborhood Cocktail shop since 2008. From measuring ingredients to delicious sips, learn how to create classic cocktails with their hands-on workshops. Build cocktails together and then enjoy them as a team. Cheers!

8. Set Sail On A Tall Ship with Liberty Fleet

Photo Credit: Liberty Fleet

Ship out for your next team building activity and enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Instead of hosting your Boston summer company outing at a standard hotel ballroom or restaurant, bring your team aboard one of these magnificent tall ships for a private sailing charter on Boston Harbor! Whether a relaxing mixer on deck under the stars, a brunch sail, or an afternoon cookout, they have a variety of food and drink options to help you customize your company boat cruise. Their vessels feature well stocked bars to keep in the spirit of sailing ships. Groups can participate in team building exercises and help raise the sails, or grab a cocktail on deck and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere as they cruise around Historic Boston Harbor.

7. Cooking Class with Shiso Kitchen

Photo Credit: Shiso Kitchen

Everyone bonds better around a home-cooked meal! So bring your group to the hub for creating your own dinner party. Shiso Kitchen is the place to gather and experiment with culinary curiosities, specializing in cooking classes for anyone to enjoy, providing a hands-on cooking experience in a ‘dinner party’ atmosphere. Shiso is owned by Chef Jessica Roy, Food Network contributing host, former Le Cordon Bleu Chef Instructor, Left-Handed-American-Female Sushi Chef, Food Columnist, Personal Chef, and all around adventurer. With a palette and training inspired by world travels, and delicious ingredients, her cooking style is one that revolves around sharing good food with good friends, and good fun. So let her lead the way for your next team building experience!

6. B/Spoke Group Ride

Photo Credit: B/Spoke

If you’ve got more of an active bunch, take your team for a private group ride at B/Spoke and sweat it out! The amazing instructors there will bring the tunes and good vibes to get the endorphins flowing and make for a great team outing!

5. Cooking Competition at Action Kitchen

Photo Credit: Action Kitchen

If you want to throw down in the kitchen with your team for your next bonding event then Action Kitchen is the perfect place for a little friendly competition that ends in food, which makes everybody happy! If you’re focused on building teamwork and camaraderie in your company or organization, take their chefs’ advice and start with food. They offer two exciting experiences -“Collaborative Cuisine” and “Creative Cookoff”- that you and your team will enjoy even if you have no cooking experience at all.

4. Axe Throwing at Urban Axes

Photo Credit: Urban Axes

Blow off a little steam while having a blast with your team for your next bonding event at Urban Axes. Throwing axes and throwing back some drinks sounds like the most ideal way to spend time out of the office. That’s actually how it all began – Three Australian blokes and an American girl walk into a bar…. No seriously, that’s sort of how it all began! Krista had recently been axe throwing for a friend’s birthday while living in Toronto, Canada and was shocked that it didn’t exist in America. She sent the details to Shaun, Stu and Matt, and in proper Aussie fashion they said “Beer and Axes?” I’m in! They flew up to Toronto for a visit and some axe throwing, and Urban Axes was born.

3. Wine Tasting with Boston Winery

Photo Credit: Boston Winery

The Boston Winery is all about family and tradition and they want to invite you and your team to theirs for an evening of wine tasting and good times. Raffaele Bruno created the Boston Winery in 2006, he grew up in Abruzzi, Italy crafting fine wines with his forefathers and it was this tradition of quality and care bound by family that is found in their company today. In every sip, every smile, and every moment of significance, these values live on. So grab a glass, swirl it around and unwind with Boston Winery!

2. City Scavenger Hunt with Cashunt

Photo Credit: Cashunt

For a unique city experience, let Cashunt host your next team building event and scavenger the city! They have been producing customized premium team building scavenger hunt experiences for all types of groups for the past 22 years. Get outside and explore Boston while having the ultimate scavenger hunt experience. Ready, set, GO!

1. Bites of Boston Hip & Historic Boston Snack Box Experience

Can’t get everyone together or still working virtually? No problem! The possibilities are endless and Bites of Boston Food tours can customize a unique remote team building experience for your group. The Hip & Historic Boston Snack Box Experience will bring everyone together for some food and fun even if you cannot be in the same physical location. This snack box is filled with modern and historic Boston-based treats that each team member will receive along with an information sheet crafted by the Bites of Boston team giving background and telling stories about all the local makers behind the treats. Jump on a zoom call and everyone can unpack and enjoy their snacks together!

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