Sweets, Sips & Celebrations: Things To Do To Celebrate A Birthday in Boston

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Celebrate A Birthday in Boston!

Boston is a known party town so we are here to talk about the most important party of the year for everyone, their birthday. One more year around the sun and a day all about you calls for a proper party with some sweets, sips, and lots of celebration. We’ve complied a list of all of those things to get your party started and keep it going in true Boston fashion. Consider celebrating yours or someone else’s birthday with one of these sips, sweets, or celebrations:

Bites of Boston Happy Birthday Box!

We’ve created a local gift box all about birthday treats! This gift box is the perfect thing to send to someone or give them to celebrate their birthday, Boston-style. All of the items in this thoughtfully curated box come from small, local, female-owned businesses. In the Happy Birthday Box you or a friend will receive: a 4oz. ‘Birthday Wishes’ Candle by Cannon Candles, a Party Cupcake ‘Mojar’ by Mojo Cupcakes, a Custom Birthday Cake Art Birthday Card by Laurel Greenfield Art, and Rainbow matches in a glass jar from Bites of Boston Food Tours. This is the perfect way to celebrate a beantown birthday from near or far.

Custom Cake from Bao Bao Bakery

Photo Credit: Bao Bao Bakery

If you want a cake that doubles as a centerpiece for your beantown birthday bash then order a custom one from Bao Bao Bakery in Chinatown, one of our Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine Tour partners. Gloria Chin, the bakery’s owner is masterful with confections and creates the most gorgeous, delicious, and elaborate cakes. This is sure to be a show stopper and a great way to celebrate on the sweet side. Gloria will work with you to come up with exactly the right cake for you or your friend so that this year’s birthday is one of the most special of them all.

Shareable Cocktail & Seafood Boil from Bootleg Special

Photo Credit: Bootleg Special

For a full on New Orleans meets Boston style birthday celebration head to Bootleg Special, one of our Sweet & Savory South End Tour partners. They specialize in NOLA seafood boils and delicious cocktails that are offered in large format sizes to share. Don’t forget to go full send and end the meal with traditional beignets. This is truly the sweets, sips, and celebration kind of place you need to go to for a birthday.

Boston Cream Pie from Omni Parker House

Photo Credit: Omni Parker House

You can’t have a birthday in Boston without celebrating with a Boston classic – Boston Cream Pie. This iconic dessert is more like cake than pie so let it be your birthday cake, or birthday cake appetizer since it’s small. We can get down with a birthday cake appetizer for sure! Experience the original recipe for Boston Cream Pie at Omni Parker House, one of our Classic Bites of Boston Tour partners, as you celebrate your next year around the sun. Layers of sponge cake have sweet cream layered between them and chocolate ganache covering the top and are surrounded by slivered almonds. Happy birthday to youuu.

Celebration Cheesed Board & Wine from Formaggio Kitchen

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

If you’re thinking picnic for your birthday celebration then head to Formaggio Kitchen in the South End, another one of our Sweet & Savory South End Tour partners, to gather your provisions. And it’s your birthday, so permission to be extravagant with your purchase granted. Gather all the items you need for a delicious cheese board as well as some wine to sip on. This birthday is about good flavor, good vibes, and good CHEESE!

Private Food Tour with Bites of Boston Food Tours

For a truly special birthday experience book a private food tour with Bites of Boston. We will help you customize the tour to your groups likes and needs so that you have a unique and fun experience. We offer packages of all kind ranging from sweet & savory, to happy hour strolls, to dessert-only experiences. Let us help you get the party started so you can keep it going as long as you want!

Box of Cupcakes (named after dogs) from South End Buttery

Are cupcakes still a thing? We say YES and we loveee the idea of a box full of cupcakes to celebrate someone’s birthday. So if we’re talking cupcakes we only want the best and that is the South End Buttery, yet another one of our South End tour partners. The Buttery’s cupcakes are all lovingly named after dogs based on their coat and personality and baked with so much love. Our favorite is the Dexter cupcake – dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate buttercream, a salted caramel pool on top, sprinkled with sea salt. *Straight up drool*

Cube Toast & “Adult Capri Fun” Cocktails from Double Chin

Photo Credit: Double Chin

For one of the most EXTRA but necessary ways to celebrate your birthday in Boston, head to Double Chin, one of our other Chinatown Tour partners, for the infamous cube toast dessert and some adult capri fun cocktails. The cube toast is made of a brioche loaf whose inside has been cubed and French toast fried then put back inside and topped with every color and flavor topping you can imagine from fruit to cereal to Pocky, as well as ice cream. It’s your whole party on a plate. And let’s not forget about the ‘adult capri fun’ cocktails served in a clear pouch which are a play on the nostalgic childhood drink CapriSun just with booze added. Who said getting older wasn’t fun?

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