Celebrate: Awesome Women-Owned Businesses in Boston

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Celebrating Women’s History Month with Awesome Women-Owned Businesses in Boston

March 1st marked the first day of Women’s History Month! This is a time to celebrate women and all the incredible and innovative contributions they have made to the world from history to modern day. As a female-owned and operated business we are so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some other AWESOME women-owned businesses in Boston and we’re so excited to gush about all of them! We work directly with almost all of the bad ass women-owned businesses on this list and have major heart eyes for the others! There are 30 amazing businesses on this list – one to check out and support for almost every day of the month! Remember, supporting a small business does not always involve giving them your money; a follow or share on social media with someone who would like their stuff can go just as far!


Photo Credit: thisHAITI

Owned by: Blonde Beauchamp
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Haitian food company making flavorful condiments, spice blends and more to enhance your dishes and wake up your tastebuds.


Photo Credit: Spritzal

Owned by: Taylor & Jody Walker (Inspired by Nannie Greta)
Located in: Rockland, MA
Who they are: Family-owned baking company specializing in traditional shortbread cookies with some fun and inventive flavors.


Photo Credit: Anoush’ella

Owned by: Nina Festekjian
Located in: South End, Boston, MA
Who they are:  A casual neighborhood eatery serving up colorful and flavorful Eastern Mediterranean street food.


Photo Credit: Noted.

Owned by: Ashley Rossi
Located in: Allston, MA
Who they are: Clean burning, small batch, nature-inspired, 100% soy candle maker with incredibly vibrant scents. They also host candle making classes and have a vessel re-fill program!

Formaggio Kitchen

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

Owned by: Julia Hallman
Located in: Cambridge, Kendall Sq. & South End, MA
Who they are: Family of specialty food stores specializing in cheese from Europe and the US that also offers beer, wine & other artisanal food products.

Sweet Lydia’s

Photo Credit: Sweet Lydia’s

Owned by: Shannon Arenburg
Located in: Lowell, MA
Who they are: Handcrafted gourmet candy, homemade marshmallows and other sweet treats with fun flavor combinations that will have you addicted immediately.

Curio Spice Company

Photo Credit: Curio Spice / Edible Boston

Owned by: Claire Cheney
Located in: Cambridge, MA
Who they are: Spice shop specializing in directly sourced, sustainably produced spices from around the world. Certified B Corporation.

Double Chin

Photo Credit: Double Chin / Bites of Boston

Owned by: Gloria & Emily Chin
Located in: Chinatown, Boston, MA
Who they are: A Modern Asian Restaurant founded by the Chin sisters specializing in Chinese dishes with modern twists inspired from their childhood and known for their show-stopping cube toast dessert.

Brown and Coconut

Photo Credit: Brown and Coconut

Owned by: Letisha & Zeena Brown
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Sister-owned natural and vegan skin care company creating products with minimal ingredients in powerful combinations.

Ash & Rose

Photo Credit: Ash & Rose / Alexa Gagosz

Owned by: Nea & Mary Savoca
Located in: South End, Boston, MA
Who they are: A mother-daughter owned and run boutique on a mission to make the world a little more beautiful, every day. It’s a shop for women who love all things romantic, whimsical, pretty and practical – and care about the planet and the people who inhabit it.


Photo Credit: FoMu

Owned by: Deena Jalal
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Small-batch, scratch-made, super flavorful, plant-based ice cream and other sweet treats that will shock you when you find out what they are made of…or rather, what they are not made of…


Photo Credit: FreshZen

Owned by: Ruby Chan
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: A brand making fresh Asian pesto with ingredients you can count on one hand, passed down through generations.

Laurel Greenfield Art

Photo Credit: Laurel Greenfield Art

Owned by: Laurel Botwick
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Artist creating paintings, prints and murals with vibrant colors inspired by moments of joy around the table.

Hapi African Gourmet

Photo Credit: Hapi African Gourmet

Owned by: Paulette Ngachoko
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Company making African spice blends and frozen meals with only the best ingredients and with the mission to help mainstream African style foods in the United States.

Cannon Candles

Photo Credit: Cannon Candles

Owned by: Madison Cannon
Located in: Medford, MA
Who they are: Small company making hand-poured, 100% soy wax candles with super fun names and scents with stories behind them!

Off Our Rocker

Photo Credit: Off Our Rocker

Owned by: Nanci Gelb and Terri Tsagaris
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Two “seniorpreneurs” baking plant-based and gluten-free sweet potato cookies and granola that carnivores can’t resist!

Bar Volpe

Photo Credit: Bar Volpe

Owned by: Chef Karen Akunowicz
Located in: South Boston, MA
Who they are: Italian restaurant in South Boston, and sister to Fox & The Knife, serving up Italian fare inspired by the time Chef Karen spent working and living in Italy, drawing on her time as a pasta maker.

Sweet Botanical Bakes

Photo Credit: Sweet Botanical Bakes

Owned by: Lauren Berry
Located in: Medford, MA
Who they are: Spirited baker making delicious buttery shortbread cookies with edible flowers.

Moroccan Magic

Photo Credit: Moroccan Magic

Owned by: Kristina Tsipouras Miller
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Clean, vegan, cruelty-free skincare and award-winning lip balm company making products you can feel good about putting on your skin.


Photo Credit: Boston.com / Tenderoni’s

Owned by: Tiffani Faison
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Signature pizza restaurants serving up rectangular pies with the crispiest edges you’ve ever seen with a disco-inspired aesthetic.

Effie’s Homemade

Photo Credit: Effie’s Homemade

Owned by: Joan MacIsaac & Irene Costello
Located in: Hyde Park, MA
Who they are: A company started by two good friends with the intention of using a delicious oatcake recipe from Nova Scotia that belonged to Joan’s Mom. Today, they continue to explore new recipes and exciting flavor combinations, bringing the humble biscuit to unexpected heights.

Lyndigo Spice

Photo Credit: Lyndigo Spice

Owned by: Celeste Croxton-Tate
Located in: Dorchester, MA
Who they are: Company making artisanal food products inspired by the owner’s love for Ethnic food especially Caribbean and Indian.


Photo Credit: Flour

Owned by: Joanne Chang
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Local bakery, known for their incredible sticky buns, who believe’s that through baking they can spread their love, joy, and gratitude to the entire world.

Dovetail Apothecary

Photo Credit: Dovetail Apothecary

Owned by: Sophia Alexander
Located in: Andover, MA
Who they are: Family-owned business, hand-blending and crafting natural skincare and organic beauty supplies.


Photo Credit: Lark / Boston Magazine

Owned by: Brooke Carroll & Elaine Peterson
Located in: Essex, MA
Who they are: Baking company making a distinctive line of small-batch, award-winning cookies and savory biscuits inspired by “grown-up” consumers with sophisticated tastes.


Photo Credit: Oleana

Owned by: Ana Sortun
Located in: Cambridge, MA
Who they are: A cozy neighborhood restaurant serving farm-to-table Eastern Mediterranean cuisine with vivid flavors, aromatic spices and a commitment to the freshest ingredients.

Sweet Teez Bakery

Photo Credit: Sweet Teez Bakery

Owned by: Teresa Thompson Maynard
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Local mom-owned baking company focusing on nut allergy-conscious sweet treats.

The Upton

Photo Credit: The Upton

Owned by: Laura Wyckoff & Olivia Rosenberg
Located in: South End, Boston, MA
Who they are: Mother & daughter owned space offering seven Victorian apartments in an artfully restored brownstone designed to capture beauty, originality, and functionality meant for short term rentals.

Mei Mei Dumplings

Photo Credit: Mei Mei

Owned by: Sisters, Irene & Margaret Li, and their brother Andrew
Located in: South Boston, MA
Who they are: Chef Irene Li co-founded Mei Mei with her two older siblings in 2012 as a food truck. “Mei Mei” means little sister in Mandarin Chinese and Mei Mei food is an expression of the Li sibling’s favorite childhood eating experiences as Chinese-American kids growing up in Boston. Mei Mei’s unconventional dumpling combinations showcase their love for great New England ingredients along with a pursuit of what tastes delicious.

Bites of Boston Food Tours

Owned by: Alyssa Schoenfeld
Located in: Boston, MA
Who they are: Local company offering public and private walking neighborhood food tour experiences in different Boston neighborhoods featuring delicious food and drink tastings, Boston history and other fun facts and tidbits along the way…pssst, it’s US!


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