Going Green: Best Vegetarian Foods to Eat in Boston’s South End

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Best Vegetarian Foods to Eat in Boston’s South End

We’re going green with this post and loving on some vegetables! While we’ll never turn down a good piece of fatty, salty bacon, none of these dishes need it. We’re here to sing the praises of some of our favorite vegetarian dishes and bites the South End neighborhood has to offer. And there are many. From crispy to cheesy to spicy to sweet, we’ve got all the flavors and textures covered. Keep reading to see our list of some of the best vegetarian dishes you can find in the South End.

Veggie Rouleaux at Elephant Walk

This crispy Cambodian spring roll is filled with veggies and wrapped in rice paper. It’s served with crunchy lettuce, Thai basil, and sprouts. it’s meant to be all wrapped up together and dipped in the savory peanut sauce. Not only is it fun to eat, but it’s full of so many amazing flavors.

Focaccia Grilled Cheese at Formaggio Kitchen

This is one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches we’ve ever had. And we’ve had a lot of them. Obviously it comes from one of the most incredible cheese shops Boston has to offer. Not only do they know cheese but they know how to cook with it. Ooey, gooey cheese + fresh, fluffy focaccia = magic.

Avocado Bao at Banyan Bar + Refuge

avocado bao

Photo Credit: Banyan

This dish hits all the flavor and texture spots required to make for an outstanding bite. First you get the soft bun, then the crisp exterior of the fried avocado, then the creaminess of the avocado, and then the hit of the Korean peanuts and curry aioli. Check, check, check, and check!

Maracuchitos at Orinoco

These little gems are one of our favorite bites not only in the South End, but in the entire city. Plantains stuffed with queso Paisa and fried so that the cheese bursts out the seams. We’ll take 10 please.

Plantain Soup at Vejigantes

plantain soup

Photo Credit: Yelp

This humble soul soothing plantain soup is packed with flavor and home cooking feels, sending you right to your Puerto Rican grandmother’s kitchen, whether you have one or not.

Breakfast Burrito at South End Buttery

breakfast burrito

Photo Credit: @richardigordon via Instagram

Now this is a BREAKFAST BURRITO. It’s packed with scrambled eggs, kale, tomato, cheddar, sour cream, avocado, and salsa in a wheat wrap pressed until crispy outside. This will make you get out of bed in the morning. Warning: Eight napkins required.

Vegetarian Paella at Toro

veggie paella

Photo Credit: Toro

Whenever we order the veggie paella from Toro we can hardly wait for it to arrive at the table steaming hot. Usually paella is known for being packed with seafood and sausage but Toro does a rotating veggie version that is something so special to savor, although you might want to dive in and devour it without coming up for air.

Easy Street Corn at Bootleg Special

street corn

Photo Credit: Bootleg Special

So there’s street corn, then there’s the Easy Street Corn from Bootleg Special, doused in chili cream, cotija cheese, herbs, and so much love. It’s honestly addictive and hard to share!

Brussels Sprouts, Butternut Squash, & Fontina Pizza with Chopped Tomatoes & Roasted Onions at Picco


Photo Credit: Picco

This pizza comes bubbling hot out of a wood fired oven and is loaded with veggies that have the perfect char on them from the flames. The crust is the perfect balance of chew and crisp and is hearty enough to hold all those delicious toppings.

Anything at FoMu 

Ending on a sweet note, any flavor of ice cream from FoMu is how we want to wrap up a meal. This vegan, plant-based ice cream is thick and creamy like dairy-based ice cream, you’d never know it was vegan. We love their classic avocado ice cream as well as all of their seasonal flavors like their current apple cider donut. We might have just polished off a pint of it…

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