Tour Tales: Rachel’s Favorite Bites of Boston Tour Story

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Tour Tales: Rachel’s Favorite Bites of Boston Tour Story

Hey everyone! We’ve cooked up something else special for you while tours are on hold and we’re so excited to share it.

This is the next post in our new series called “Tour Tales,” a group of short videos where our lovely Bites of Boston tour guides and staff share their favorite stories and foods from our tours. We want you to get to know us better while also getting a taste of the food, knowledge, and stories that we have to offer on our food tours. Enjoy!

In today’s video, our sweets-loving Tour Operations Coordinator & Blog Writer, Rachel, shares her favorite story from the Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine Tour:

Thanks, Rachel!

There are so many hidden gems on our Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine Tour and Ho Yuen is definitely one of them. We love the story of the put chai ko, and Rachel tells it wonderfully! We are so thankful to Brian Moy not only for partnering with us with two of his restaurants for this tour but also for sharing his childhood experience about eating his grandmother’s put chai ko with us.

We hope you’ll join us on a tour soon to learn more of the fascinating stories and history behind Boston’s Chinatown and, of course, try all of the delicious food!

put chai ko

Delicious put chai ko from Ho Yuen Bakery in Boston’s Chinatown.

outside ho yuen bakery

Photo Credit: Zagat

brian moy

Brian Moy, owner of Shojo & China Pearl in Boston’s Chinatown and the one who shared the story of put chai ko with us.

chinatown gate

The Chinatown Gate, gifted to Boston’s Chinatown from Taiwan.

When she’s not working with Bites of Boston Food Tours, Rachel is practicing and teaching Yoga! You can learn more about her offerings at Rachel DeSimone Yoga on her website and join her for a virtual class. She also has a HUGE affinity for sweets, hence her belief that the perfect balance in life is a combination of doughnuts and downward dog.

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