Discover the Best Lobster Dishes in Boston

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The Best Lobster Dishes in Boston

Boston is a seafood lover’s paradise, especially when it comes to lobster. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, indulging in the city’s diverse and delectable lobster dishes is a must. From the classic lobster roll to gourmet lobster mac and cheese, Boston’s culinary scene offers an array of lobster delights that cater to every palate. Here’s a curated list of some of the best lobster dishes you can find in Boston, guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

Cold Lobster Roll from The Bell in Hand

Photo Credit: Bell in Hand

Ahhh, as classic as it gets and always hits the spot! You can never ever go wrong with a cold lobster roll on a hot summer day. We absolutely love the Bell in Hand’s version as it is simple – not too much mayo and just the right amount of seasoning to let the lobster shine. That is why we serve this one on our Classic Downtown Boston Tour!

Hot Buttered Lobster Roll from James Hook & Co.

Photo Credit: James Hook & Co.

Another version on this classic dish is the hot buttered lobster roll, the cold lobster roll’s slightly bougier sibling. A toasted bun is filled with hot, sweet lobster that is doused in an ungodly amount of butter. It’s perfection and you have to get one from James Hook & Co. if you’re craving one (and why wouldn’t you be after that description?).

Grilled or Steamed Whole Lobster from The Barking Crab

Photo Credit: Google Photos

The very New England tradition of having steamed fresh lobster with corn on the cob and potatoes never grows old on us. There’s truly nothing like putting on a lobster bib and getting your hands dirty while slinging some butter across the table. For this traditional steamed (or grilled) lobster we recommend going to The Barking Crab for the full seafood shanty vibe.

Lobster Bisque from Yankee Lobster Co.

Photo Credit: Google Photos

Sometimes lobster bisque takes a back seat to clam chowder, but don’t be mistaken it’s just as scrumptious and soul warming when done right. Yankee Lobster Co. is a true lobster haven, which means they know how to handle their lobster, all the way down to the bisque. If you want a delicious bowl of lobster bisque, with fresh chunks of lobster peeking out, then head to Yankee Lobster Co.

Shack Lobster Mac N Cheese from Summer Shack

Photo Credit: Shore Leave

Indulgence meets indulgence with the shack baked lobster mac n cheese from Summer Shack. They are not shy with the lobster they use per dish, one pound to be exact, which you can find studded generously throughout their oozy baked mac and cheese with a perfect crispy garlic crumb top.

Lobster Ravioli from Rino’s Place

Photo Credit: Boston Magazine

Lobster ravioli is one of those things that make us swoon and Rino’s is hands down one of the best places to get this dish in the city. It’s actually located in a residential area of East Boston or “Eastie,” where you could easily pass by without knowing that some of the best lobster ravioli lives there. Unsurprisingly, the chef and owner was born and raised in Italy. Now we want to set you up for success so be sure to note that they do not take reservations and are cash only!

Lobster Cacio e Pepe from Waypoint

Photo Credit: Waypoint

While lobster paired with pasta is nothing new, this inspired version of lobster cacio e pepe will change your whole perspective on the combination with one key ingredient – koji. This traditional Japanese ingredient offers a salty, umami taste, reminiscent of soy sauce and when paired with the creamy pecorino and striking black pepper it’s a true party in your mouth.

Lobster Popover from Wood’s Hill Pier 4

Photo Credit: Wood’s Hill Pier 4

Lobster salad inside of a delicious homemade popover – yes please! Make it two! Woods Hill Pier 4 offers the best of the best responsibly sourced, farm-to-table ingredients. Their lobster popover can be found on the brunch menu and is an absolute must for a lobster lover. Local lobster is tossed with crème fraîche, celery and red onion and stuffed into a warm popover, accompanied by mixed greens & old bay chips.

The Kehd from Fat Baby

Photo Credit: Fat Baby

Lobster on a sushi roll? Abso-freaking-lutely! Change up your expectations and let a tuna avocado roll be your lobster vessel with the kehd at Fat Baby. This Southie essential knows how to do sushi right – for starters…adding lobster!

Fried Lobster & Waffles at Saltie Girl

Photo Credit: Saltie Girl

Ok, if you’re wondering what the need to fry lobster is when it’s already perfection as is then hear us out. Lobster is one of those ingredients that when fresh and cooked right truly needs nothing else than maybe a little butter. BUT, this dish makes our heads spin because it’s the exception to that rule and is so *bleeping* good! This delicately fried lobster sits atop a fluffy waffle and is showered with sweet corn butter and spicy maple syrup. The flavors, textures, all the things are perfection. We might be slightly obsessed. It’s fine.

Lobster Guacamole from Temazcal Cantina

Photo Credit: Temazcal

One place we didn’t expect to find lobster but were thrilled to see it was in the guacamole at Temazcal! Their signature lobster guacamole is a twist on a classic starter made with fresh lobster, pico de gallo and serrano chile and we’re here for it! Just get us a marg and you’ll hear no complaints from us!

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