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5, 6, 7, 8, Who Do We APPRECIATE: Local Gift Boxes for Employee Appreciation Day

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with a Local Gift Box We’re always looking for reasons to celebrate good people and good food here at Bites of Boston Food Tours! This Friday, March 5th, is actually meant for just that, it’s National Employee Appreciation Day. There’s no better time to start showing your appreciation for your hard-working…
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Valentine’s Day At Home: Ideas for a Fun Night In

Valentine’s Day At Home Get more creative than ever this Valentine’s Day at home! No longer is sitting in a crowded restaurant the best option for romance. We’ve got a whole list of at-home date night ideas for you to have a fun night in this Valentine’s Day no matter who you are celebrating with….
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Feel the Local Love: Boston Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes

Local Boston Valentine’s Day Gift Boxes Finally something besides COVID-19 is in the air! It’s LOVE and we feel like spreading it! We are very excited to be offering two unique Valentine’s Day gift boxes to treat yourself, a friend, a partner, or literally anyone who you want to spread the love to. Gift boxes…
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