Sweet & Savory Thanksgiving Treats to Bring to the Table

November 11, 2023 | , , ,
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Sweet & Savory Thanksgiving Treats You Can Bring to Any Table

Thanksgiving is one of our most favorite holidays, naturally, because it’s all about gathering together to share delicious food at our favorite place – the table. Whether you’re looking for a sweet and creative Thanksgiving treat or something savory that you don’t have to make, just to take a liiiiiittle bit of the pressure off of you, this list has you covered!

Pumpkin Spice Latte Cookie from Southie Cookie

Photo Credit: Southie Cookie

This is the cookie of all fall cookies! The Pumpkin Spice Latte cookie from this Southie small business is basically pumpkin pie stuffed inside a delicious, ooey, gooey pumpkin spice espresso cookie with white chocolate chips. You will definitely be the favorite relative if you bring these to the Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving Menu from Formaggio Kitchen

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

Who wants a Thanksgiving cheese plate that is so elegantly curated and doesn’t requite you to lift a finger? Yeah, we thought you did! Keep your guests snacking while you finish up the Thanksgiving meal without everyone getting too hangry on you. Formaggio Kitchen, our South End tour partner, is offering a menu ranging from festive appetizers to the whole bird and everything in-between, so peep their Thanksgiving menu and be sure to pre-order!

Turkey Donut (& Donut Stuffing) from Union Square Donuts

Photo Credit: Union Square Donuts

It was so hard to pick just one thing to feature from Union Square Donuts’ Thanksgiving menu, since everything is so darn droll-worthy, so we narrowed it down to two. We obviously had to feature these Turkey Donuts, because c’mon, look at them! They are so stinking cute and tasty to boot. As well, it’s not often that you see Donut Stuffing on a menu – just from the name alone we were sold. This Savory Donut Stuffing will be the star of your Thanksgiving table…watch out turkey!

Smoked Turkey Sandwich from Flour Bakery

Photo Credit: Flour Bakery

For the month of November only, one of Boston’s and our favorite bakeries is offering a smoked turkey sandwich with a Thanksgiving glow-up! While you can still get the original version if you prefer, we highly recommend adding the classic sausage stuffing with melted cheddar! If you can’t quite wait until Thanksgiving Day, go grab one of these sammies to get in the spirit a little early!

Honeycomb Creamery Turkey Ice Cream Taco

Photo Credit: Honeycomb Creamery

If you live in Boston you know that it’s not a rarity to see wild turkeys roaming the streets – sometimes even in droves! Honeycomb creamery is honoring the spirit of Thanksgiving and the random roaming turkeys in Boston with their special turkey ice cream taco. They are known for their inventive ice cream taco flavors and this one goes above and beyond. These turkey tacos are made with a chocolate waffle cone, filled with apple cider donut ice cream, dipped in chocolate, and topped with chocolate Italian buttercream and sugar cookie feathers. Pre-order a gaggle of these to bring to the Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving Breakfast Quiche from Greystone Cafe

Photo Credit: Greystone Cafe

Major pastry points to this South End bakery for making the most life-saving Thanksgiving dish…BREAKFAST! When you’re cooking 10 different things for the actual Thanksgiving meal, trying to stay on track, breakfast is the last thing you want to think about. But, inevitably there are grumbling family members hungry for breakfast. Pre-order one of these Mushroom, Leek & Fontina Quiches and quell those morning grumbles. They also have a selection of sides and desserts available for you to bring to the Thanksgiving table!

Happy Feasting!

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