Support Small Businesses: Introducing The Bites of Boston “Beantown” Coffee Lovers Box & Mini Boxes

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Introducing The Bites of Boston
“Beantown” Coffee Lovers Gift Box Collection

Thus, the Bites of Boston Self-Care Box was born. Our first Bites of Boston Box was a huge success and was received very well by the community who was also looking to support small, local businesses.

So, we couldn’t stop there…

We are excited to introduce you to our second “pivot project” box, the Bites of Boston “Beantown” Coffee Lovers Box!



Alpha, Altura and Misty Valley Instant Coffees by Gracenote Coffee
Founded by Patrick Barter

Before getting into coffee, Patrick Barter studied percussion and digital music for eight years. In 2012, he started roasting coffee and created Gracenote, focusing on a detail-oriented hands on approach. In 2015, Gracenote opened their first standing-room only cafe in downtown Boston. In 2020, Gracenote opened up their second cafe, which also doubles as a wine bar in Cambridge. Gracenote is committed to sourcing the best green coffee on the market and focus on flavor and technique in the roasting process to present you with the perfect tasting cup. What makes them unique is their commitment to the coffees they work with—they attempt to see those coffees for what they are, and undertake the task of roasting in a manner that allows them to express what they imagine and understand to be a coffee’s full potential. They have also brought a whole new reputation to instant coffee with their unique individually packaged single servings, which are FULL of flavor!


Coffee Chocolate Disk by Taza Chocolate
Founded by Alex Whitmore and Kathleen Fulton

Taza founder and CEO Alex Whitmore took his first bite of stone ground chocolate while traveling in Oaxaca, Mexico. He was so inspired by the rustic intensity that he decided to create a chocolate factory back home in Somerville, MA. Alex apprenticed under a molinero in Oaxaca to learn how to hand-carve granite mill stones to make a new kind of American chocolate that is simply crafted, but seriously good. In 2005, he officially launched Taza with his wife, Kathleen Fulton, who is Taza’s Chief Design Officer and designed all of the packaging. 

Coffee-Inspired Paint Chip Gradient Art Post Card by
A Sweet History
Founded by Hannah Spiegelman

Hannah Spiegelman is an ice cream artist, who makes flavors inspired by people and places of the past through her concept, A Sweet History. Hoping to educate and inspire through food, Hannah focuses on telling stories of marginalized people that are often forgotten or largely ignored. She is finishing her master’s degree in Gastronomy at Boston University and has been a tour guide with Bites of Boston for the past year. If you are interested in supporting her work you can visit her Patreon:



You can also enjoy a smaller version of our “Beantown” Coffee Lovers Box in 2 ways:


1. Alpha, Altura and Misty Valley Instant Coffees by Gracenot Coffee

2. Coffee Chocolate Disk by Taza Chocolate

3. Da Lat Spice Mix by Curio Spice Co.

4. Espresso Booze Infuser by ParTea

5. Creative Recipes for Each Item!


We hope you’ll join us in supporting small, locally-owned businesses here in Boston and purchase a box for yourself or someone else, OR BOTH!



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