It’s A Shellebration! Your Summer Seafood Fix in Boston

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Boston Summer Seafood Guide

We’re three days away from the official start of summer and boy are we ready for it. It’s been a rainy spring here is Boston and we are ready to soak up some rays and scarf down some summer seafood. New England is known for its top notch seafood since it’s surrounded by so much water, so we suggest taking advantage of it this summer, we sure plan on it! From the classics to some other unexpected places to find delicious seafood dishes that might not come to mind right away, we’ve got your summer seafood fix in Boston all in the list below. Go ahead, shellebrate summer!

Clam Chowder from Legal Fish Bowl

clam chowder

Photo Credit: Bites of Boston

Since we’re talking seafood we HAD to include Boston’s arguably most quintessential seafood dish — clam chowder. You can find bowls of this good stuff filled to the brim at so many local restaurants but this one is hands down our favorite. And, guess what…we taste it on our newest tour, The Classic Bites of Boston Tour.  While they serve it at all of their sit down locations, Legal Seafood has a fast-casual counter spot called Legal Fish Bowl where you can get a cup of this perfectly creamy and clam-y chowder to go. We suggest taking it outside into the sunshine and eating it amongst the hustle and bustle of Quincy Market’s exterior. It doesn’t get more city than that!

Mussels in Bootleg Sauce from Bootleg Special


Photo Credit: @bostonbrunchguide via Instagram

Bootleg Special, home of the best Cajun seafood boil in town, is a summer seafood haven. They have alllll of the seafood and they also create a really fun environment to eat it in too. Think bibs, gloves, and a big ol’ shell bucket. We visit them on our Sweet & Savory South End Tour and dig into their delicious mussels in Bootleg sauce. This garlicy, buttery, spice-filled sauce is divine, like angels singing and all the jazz, you have to try it! We’re so serious, go try it.

Well, go on…

Poke Bowl from Kimchipapi Kitchen

poke bowl

Photo Credit: Kimchipapi

While the poke bowl had its moment in the trend-setting spotlight, we still love it for a super fresh lunch or dinner, or hey, why not for breakfast too! Sushi-grade fish is cubed and placed atop sushi rice in a bowl along with any other umami-esque toppings you can imagine. Build your own bowl or opt for one of their set offerings. Not the typical summer seafood first thought but one that should be remembered more often. You can also visit them with us on our Allston Arts & Eats Tour. 

Lobster Roll from The Bell in Hand Tavern

lobster roll and fries

Photo Credit: The Bell in Hand

Ah, the lobster roll, the classic of classics here in New England. Nothing beats a toasted bun piled so high with fresh lobster meat that pieces start to roll over the sides and onto the plate (or table). No matter where it lands make sure you get every last bit, or we will! The Bell in Hand Tavern is one of the most classic places to eat this classic Boston dish, which is why we stop there to taste it on our newest Classic Bites of Boston Tour. Don’t want just a taste? Head in and visit them for your own whole lobster roll, no sharing necessary, and ring in summer properly, New England style.

Shrimp Dumplings from China Pearl


Photo Credit: @rondurk via Instagram

Another unexpected place to find your summer seafood fix is at dim sum. Also it’s one of our favorite places to have it. The shrimp dumplings, or har gow as they are referred to in Cantonese, at China Pearl are some of our most favorites in the city. Steaming, plump, and juicy shrimp are wrapped in a translucent dumpling wrapper and delivered in steamer baskets to your table off of the dim sum cart when you choose them. They are one of the most popular dishes at dim sum and we understand why; they are just perfect. This is why we try them on our Chinatown’s Culture & Cuisine Tour.

Linguine con Vongole from Cinquecento

clam pasta

Photo Credit: @newenglandfoodexplorer via Instagram

Steaming hot bowl of pasta with fresh clams? YES PLEASE. Cinquecento is serving up the Italian classic linguine con vongole (clams) and doing it to perfection. This is summer seafood bliss if you ask us. Enjoy it inside their beautiful trattoria space or on their patio lit with strung twinkle lights. You can also visit them with us on our Sweet & Savory South End Tour and try another one of their pasta dishes, but this one is definitely the one to cure a summer seafood hankering!

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