Get A Piece of This: Different Ways To Eat Boston Cream Pie

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All The Ways To Eat (and Drink) Boston Cream Pie

When you come to Boston you HAVE to have Boston cream pie, and if you live here you should be having it on a regular basis, it’s pretty much non-negotiable in our minds. It’s one of Boston’s most iconic foods and we love it, which is why we taste it on our new Classic Bites of Boston Tour. Fluffy sponge, thick vanilla cream, and rich, dark chocolate ganache – check, check, and check! But wait, that sounds more like cake than pie…Technically speaking it’s a layered cake, but it has always been dubbed pie since its debut in 1856. Back then cake and pie tins were interchangeable and the words were too.

Boston cream pie made a name for itself at Parker’s Restaurant in the Omni Parker House where they still serve the classic recipe today. While the classic is untouchable, as with most classics, people have found ways to mix it up and serve Boston cream pie in tons of different ways. We’re into it! Check out this list of all the different ways to eat (and drink) Boston cream pie in Boston.

Boston Cream Pie Donut from Kane’s Donuts

boston cream pie donuts

Photo Credit: Kane’s Donuts

This donut shop is a Boston favorite all about the local from ingredients to the boxes they serve their donuts in. They’ve become an icon here and so of course they had to make a donut out of Boston’s most iconic dessert – Boston cream pie. This yeast donut is fluffy and filled with homemade Bavarian crème, and frosted with a Swiss chocolate topping. It’s melt-in-your-mouth perfection and a mess to eat, that’s the sign of a good dessert in our book!

Boston Cream Pie Cupcake from Sweet Bakery


Photo Credit: @vanlizzachau via Instagram

This cupcake shop will bring a smile to your face when you walk in and approach the cupcake counter filled with beautifully decorated confections. Everything’s cuter as a cupcake and this holds true for Boston cream pie. Sweet’s cupcake version of this classic Boston dessert is the ideal bite so head over and grab one (or two) soon.

Boston Cream Pie (with Coffee) from Flour Bakery

boston cream pie and tea

Photo Credit: @icyjon via Instagram

One of our favorite bakeries in Boston has put a unique spin on the classic Boston cream pie – they’re adding coffee and extra layers to it. Theirs has four thin layers of sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup sandwiched with vanilla cream and are topped off with drippy chocolate ganache with a little vanilla icing to make the iconic feathered design on the top. It’s fun to look at with its exposed layers and the addition of the coffee syrup makes it reminiscent of tiramisu, which is a cool twist. It’s sooo good!

Boston Cream Pie Banana Pudding from Magnolia Bakery

banana cream pie banana pudding

Photo Credit: Magnolia Bakery

SHUT. UP. That’s what we said when we found out that Magnolia Bakery was making Boston cream pie banana pudding. As if their famous banana pudding wasn’t incredible enough on its own, they turned it up several more notches by creating a special Boston cream pie flavor. Unique to their Boston store this pudding is light and creamy, filled with chunks of banana, chocolate threads, and Nilla wafers. Basically, it’s a dessert-lover’s dream.

Boston Cream Pie Cocktail at The Last Hurrah

boston cream pie martini

Photo Credit: @lifedigitallyremastered via Instagram

If you’d prefer to sip your Boston cream pie, guess what, that’s a thing you can do! The Last Hurrah in the Omni Parker House serves a Boston cream pie martini with vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, Kerry Gold Irish cream, and a chocolate rim. We can’t even handle how delicious this is. It’s hard to only have one, they go down far too easy, but we’re not complaining about it.

Classic Boston Cream Pie (and Ice Cream) from Parker’s Restaurant

boston cream pie

Photo Credit: @beardedmanbakes via Instagram

Going back to the very beginning, visit the Omni Parker House’s Parker Restaurant for a piece of classic Boston cream pie. Their thoughtful plating is so appealing that it’s hard to focus on capturing a photo before you dive in. If you want to mix the classic with the remix though you can here. Toscanini’s, one of our favorite local ice cream shops, makes a special Boston cream pie ice cream just for the Omni Parker House and you can order it alongside your Boston cream pie. DO IT.

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