Happy Thanks-gifting! Foodie Gifts for the Holiday Host in Boston

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Foodie Gifts for the Holiday Host in Boston

If by some miracle you dodged the bullet of having to host Thanksgiving this year then, first tell us your secret, and second, we bet you are THANKFUL! Whoever is taking on that task and inviting you over deserves a medal, but I’m sure they would gladly accept any of these awesome foodie gifts as a token of your appreciation. It’s always customary to bring the host or hostess a gift when you are invited to someone’s house, but when you are invited for Thanksgiving the gift needs to be amped way up. Check out our list for some fun foodie gift ideas to give your Thanksgiving host. Happy Thanks-gifting!

Gift Basket from Formaggio Kitchen

italian gift basket

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

Bring your host one of these stunning gift baskets from Formaggio Kitchen, filled with some of the best imported goods you can find. After all the work your host did they deserve some delicious specialty snacks all for themselves. One of these beautiful baskets from Formaggio is absolutely the way to say thank you!

The Piefecta from Flour Bakery


Photo Credit: Flour Bakery

If you really want to make an entrance this Thanksgiving, walk in the door with one of these Piefectas from Flour Bakery in your hands. Tell the host not to worry about dessert because you’re bringing them all, they just happen to all be in one. This pie is pecan and pumpkin pies layered with brown sugar whipped cream. It’s the pie version of a turducken!

Gift Card from Bites of Boston Food Tours

Gift your amazing hosts an experience with Bites of Boston Food Tours after all the work they did to host Thanksgiving. These walking neighborhood food tours are a great way to spend the afternoon, learning, strolling, and sampling delicious foods in unique neighborhoods. You don’t even have to go anywhere to gift this, order their gift card right online. It couldn’t be easier to give this awesome gift!

Shaker Set from The Boston Shaker

shaker gift set

Photo Credit: The Boston Shaker

Everyone knows that with the holidays comes a need for booze! Whether it’s coming down from your tough job or having to deal with your family the booze should be ever-flowing. There’s no such thing as having too much bar equipment so whether your host does or doesn’t have a shaker set, think about getting them this great one from The Boston Shaker, or anything else from them for that matter. Anyway to get the booze to the people quicker is encouraged. Cheers!

Specialty Chocolate Box from gâté comme des filles


Photo Credit: gâté comme des filles

If you want to gift your host something really special, get them their very own box of chocolates from gâté comme des filles. This is some of the best and most beautiful chocolate we have ever seen and it is truly something to be gifted. This is something that they can have a quiet moment with to indulge after the hustle and bustle of turkey day dies down and the last bit of stuffing and mashed potatoes have been put away, if there is any left that is…

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