Fall’s Favorite Flavors: Boston’s Best Fall Sweet Treats

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Fall Sweet Treats in Boston

Friends, Fall is NOT CANCELLED! No way are we going to let even a global pandemic keep us from devouring the flavors of fall that we love so much.

Last year we helped take you beyond the pumpkin spice latte with our blog post about Creative Ways to Get Your Pumpkin On This Fall. But this year we are cheering for all of the fall flavors from apple to maple to of course, pumpkin. 

Here are some of our favorite fall sweet treats that you can find in Boston!

Apple Cider Doughnut Ice Cream from FoMu

Photo Credit: FoMu

You would never ever know that this ice cream is vegan, so shhh, because it’s so creamy, velvety, and full of flavor. How do they get that dreamy texture in their non-dairy ice cream? Coconut milk that is carefully sourced and all natural ingredients. We wait with our noses pressed against the window when the first feeling of fall hits waiting for this flavor to hit the shops, and here it is!

Pumpkin Cupcake from South End Buttery

Photo Credit: South End Buttery

This delicious sweet treat will be available in the cafe in November, so plenty of time to let the hype build. The pumpkin cupcake is topped with caramelized white chocolate frosting and candied pecans. It’s a cuddle up in a blanket, do-not-disturb, kind of cupcake experience.

Tapped Maple Caramels from McCrea’s Candies

Photo Credit: McCrea’s Candies

If fall could be packed up into a tiny little package full of sweet, sweet love, well, McCrea’s Candies has done it. Their Tapped Maple Caramels are made with pure New England maple syrup and melt in your mouth. They refer to them as the autumn that never ends. Expert tip: keep them in your bag at all times for instant joy. You can find these locally at Formaggio Kitchen, one of our tour partners in the South End.

Maple Bacon Doughnut & Maple Latte from Union Square Doughnuts

Photo Credit: Union Square Doughnuts

Once you have a Union Square Doughnut you can never go back to all the other doughnuts that just don’t measure up. One of their signature flavors is the Maple Bacon, slathered with real Vermont maple syrup and topped with thick-cut smokey bacon. Want to take fall to a whole other level? We know you do…so pair your doughnut with a Maple Latte also filled with Vermont maple syrup.

Assorted Fall Marshmallows from Sweet Lydia’s

Photo Credit: Sweet Lydia’s

Sweet Lydia’s gourmet marshmallows are one of our favorite sweet treats for every time of year that can be dressed up as a s’more, melt slowly in a warm drink, or be eaten right out of the bag (we’ve done all these things). The fall assorted pack is our absolute favorite as it brings all of the fall flavors alive. The fall assortment includes: Pumpkin Spice, Spiced Chai, Caramel and Apple Cider. You don’t have to choose which flavor you like more because you get them all and we are so on board for that.

Whole Grain Apple Snacking Spice Cake from Flour Bakery

Photo Credit: Flour Bakery

Joanne Chang, owner of Flour Bakery and one of our partners on the Sweet & Savory South End Tour, does magical things with sugar, butter, and flour. From the most elaborate pies and pastries to the simple things done right, everything she makes is a winner. We absolutely love this Apple Snacking Spice Cake that she offers made with whole grains. This cake is tender and moist and full of warm fall spices (cinnamon, clove, and ginger), granny smith apples, raisins, and toasted pecans.

Cinnamon Maple Sugar from Curio Spice Co.

Photo Credit: Curio Spice Co.

Curio Spice Co. is known for their unique spice blends made from directly sourced, sustainably produced spices from around the world. We are currently obsessed with their Cinnamon Maple Sugar blend. Freshly ground Sri Lankan cinnamon and sweet maple sugar from a Vermont family farm. Basically we want to put it on EVERYTHING, but this intensely fragrant blend it is best used in baked goods, in coffee, or on buttery toast!

PRO TIP: Also makes an irresistible rim for a pumpkin/fall beer!

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