What A Spread: Best Places To Get Office Lunch Catered in Boston

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Get Your Office Lunch Catered in Boston

It’s that time of year where the thought of leaving the office midday to get a breath of fresh air is becoming less and less pleasant as your lungs may freeze over. If you’re looking to stay warm and boost morale in the office then have lunch brought in! You may not even know but plenty of our favorite Boston restaurants cater. Here is a list of some great places to get an office lunch catered and delivered so you don’t have to brave the cold.

Arepa Party from Orinoco

Photo credit: Orinoco

Woah, woah, woah you said office lunch not party. Yes, true, but why not bring a little fun into lunch at work? Orinoco, one of our long-standing South End Tour partners, offers a fun and delicious way to have lunch catered and brought right to you. They offer an Arepa Party where the traditional Venezuelan and Colombian grilled corn patty is the main act. Arepas are typically cut open and stuffed with delicious fillings from meat to cheese to beans but you’re in charge of the stuffing here. They’ll provide a spread of arepas and homemade fillings along with the option to add on appetizers as well. We’ll make it easy for you…get the appetizers!

Fresh & Healthy Armenian Food from Anoush’ella

Photo Credit: Anoush’ella

If you want something with bright flavors and colors to uplift office morale then order catering from Anoush’ella Kitchen. They are another one of our amazing food tour partners in the South End and you can’t help but feel good after eating their food. Packed with spices and fresh veggies to offer contrast of taste and texture they are definitely the way to go for office lunch. They offer platters of their m’anoush, a thin flatbread baked on a Saj oven that is then topped with their delicious ingredients, baked to perfection and hand rolled. They also offer a variety of dips, salads, beverages and desserts. This is definitely the place to add on beverages, their homemade mint lemonade is AMAZING.

Louisiana Seafood Boil from Bootleg Special

Photo Credit: Bootleg Special

Don’t want to get messy…don’t order from Bootleg Special! This is one of our favorite spots in the South End, and also a partner of ours, to roll up our sleeves, put a bib and some gloves on *they provide them*, and go to town on some Cajun food. Getting catering from Bootleg is a great way to spice up office lunch literally and figuratively. They specialize in seafood boils, which they will pack up and deliver to you, along with anything else from their catering menu like this Cajun fried rice. If you don’t mind getting a little dirty this is a great option!

Specialty Spread from Formaggio Kitchen South End

Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen

If you’re looking for something with great custom options then Formaggio Kitchen, another one of our beloved food tour partners, is your place. They offer cheese and meat platters, appetizers, sandwiches, and entrée items for delivery or pickup at their Shawmut Ave location. They offer a separate catering menu out of their Cambridge location if your office is closer to there. The menu ranges from cheese and meat platters to stuffed mushrooms and crab cakes and so much more. Their chefs are happy to work with you to create a custom menu for your office lunch if you need to cater to different diets and tastes. Not to be pushy but GET CHEESE. It’s what they do best and hey, it’s not just in the name, it is the name after all.

Sandwiches, Salads & Sweets from Flour Bakery

Photo Credit: Flour Bakery

They’ve definitely got the trifecta down! It’s probably not news to you that we love Flour Bakery because you probably do too. They are one of Boston’s most adored breakfast and lunch spots and one of our longest standing food tour partners. A spread from Flour for your office lunch is a great way to turn the day around especially if it includes something sweet. They are of course known for their incredible sticky buns but all of their pastries are worthy of getting you out of a midday slump. Catering from Flour will never disappoint so be the office favorite and order now!

Modern Asian Fusion from Double Chin

Photo Credit: Double Chin

Not sure what your water cooler chats have been like lately but we’re talking duck flatbread on a scallion pancake and rice noodle mac and cheese. Double Chin is one of our favorite places to eat in Boston’s Chinatown and they are one of our food tour partners as well. Sister team Emily and Gloria Chin brought this concept to life and everyone went nuts for it. They offer modern twists on some of their childhood favorites and will surely spice up the water cooler conversations after you get them to cater your next office lunch!

Pizza Party from Tenderoni’s

Photo Credit: High Street Place

We know we know, back to the party idea. But this time with the classic – a pizza party! Tenderoni’s is doing this classic with the volume turned way up to DISCO. Yes, disco. Boston chef and restauranteur, Tiffani Faison, has recently opened a standalone location of her spot that made it’s debut in High Street Place just under a year ago but this one has a discotech theme. The menu offers scratch-made pastas, huge salads, and “Italian-American-ish” delights, but the pizza is the real star. It’s baked in long, rectangular trays so that every piece has crispy crust. No one has to fight over the best piece because all of the pieces are the best pieces! This is no typical office pizza party.

Jewish Deli Spread from Mamaleh’s

Photo Credit: @twotastebuddiez on Instagram

Pastrami on rye? Lox and cream cheese on an everything bagel? Chocolate Babka? Mamaleh’s will bring the deli to your office! They offer party platters and packages of your favorite Jewish deli staples making this a spread everyone will be excited to be at work for. This is definitely an order one of everything situation since it’s too hard to narrow it down. They also make full pies and cakes upon request if you want to finish lunch off with something sweet, and why wouldn’t you want to do that?

Tacos from El Centro

Photo Credit: El Centro

Bring Taco Tuesday into the office for lunch and get it catered from El Centro in the South End. Walking into El Centro is like walking into your grandmother’s kitchen, that is, if your grandmother’s kitchen is in Hermosillo, Mexico. Chef/co-owner Allan Rodriguez has brought his version of Mexico to Boston, complete with real family recipes, house-made tortillas, spiced sangrias and authentic micheladas. While you may not be partaking in the alcohol in the office, you can taste all the love packed into the food anywhere you eat it. And hey, maybe it will inspire some after work margs!

Korean-Mexican Fusion from Coreanos

Photo Credit: Coreanos

If you like your tacos with a side of kimchi (yes, you read that correctly) then Coreanos is a great place to order catering for your next office lunch. It’s also a great option if you are not sure if you like that and want to try something new! This family-owned spot started in the summer of 2016 with a simple mission: to offer quality Korean food to Boston. They have also added a layer of fusion by offering mashups between Korean and Mexican dishes such as their kimchi & tofu taco and their bulgogi beef quesadilla. Order a lunch from them to bring a fun twist to the typical sandwich and salad spread.

Italian Feast from MIDA

Photo Credit: MIDA

If you want to bring the warm and cozy to office lunch via some Italian favorites then get your next office lunch catered by MIDA. Located in Boston’s South End, they are an inspired Italian neighborhood restaurant that believes in being generous and thoughtful in the way they prepare their food and engage with their community. MIDA means “he gives me,” and every meal they create is meant to be a gift just for you. If you’re not sold, or possibly shedding a tear, then may we entice you with trays of short rib lasagne and eggplant Parmesan. We figured that would do the trick.

Sushi Spread from Fat Baby

Photo Credit: Fat Baby

Sushi platter? Yes please. If you want to do a sushi spread for your next catered office lunch then order from Fat Baby, a Southie staple that can be hard to get a table at, so why not have it come to you? Their rolls will brighten any drab day at the office with pops of flavor and texture. If you want order from Fat Baby we’re pretty sure everyone will roll with it *wink*.

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