Trust Me – You’ll want S’More!

December 8, 2011 |
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Do you know what this is? Or where you can get your hands on one? No? Well you are in luck, because I am about to drop some knowledge that will definitely please your sweet tooth!

This is a S’Mores cupcake from Lulu’s Bakery on Salem Street in Boston’s North End.  This sweet treat boasts a vanilla cake infused with with graham cracker and complete with a melted marshmallow inside. It is topped with chocolate frosting, graham cracker crumbs, and a toasted marshmallow. Although the S’Mores cupcake may quite possibly be more adorable than delicious, the Classic Lulu cupcake – think Hostess chocolate cakes with the white frosting swirls – receives rave reviews on taste. That one is on my list for my next visit to Lulu’s.

Lulu’s also boasts a collection of nostalgic candy and a cute shop.  It is worth a stop if you are in the neighborhood.

Smore Cupcake

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